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Private Tuition

Private tutoring is our core service. We provide private tutors to children, young people and adults across the UK through long-lasting client-tutor relationships.


Private Tuition across London


Athena Tuition is based in Hampstead but provides private tutors to families all across London.

Our tutors are all either Russell Group University graduates or highly experienced private tutors who come to us with excellent reviews and track records. Our tutors are required to be familiar with the relevant exam board’s latest syllabus, so our students attain the best possible results in an increasingly competitive academic environment.


Our Subjects

Maths, English and Science at all levels are our most frequently tutored subjects, but we also have talented tutors in Biology, Computer Science, Business Studies, Chemistry, Classics, Music, Drama, Economics, English as a Foreign Language, French, Geography, German, History, Law, Mandarin Chinese, Politics, Physics and Spanish.

Alongside regular GCSE and A level tutoring, we tutor for entrance examinations including the 7+, 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance Examinations, the Oxbridge interview process, GCSE resits, A Level resits and medical school examinations (MCAT), among many others including specific school entrance exams.

For a more comprehensive list of the subjects we can provide tutors for, see our Subjects page.

To be certain of the best possible match between student and tutor for any given subject, we provide introductions to tutors before agreeing to organise a first lesson. Unlike many other agencies, we charge no joining fee whatsoever.

Online tuition is available on request. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

What’s the first step?

Just call 0208 133 6284 or email us from the contact form below to discuss how we can help.


Maths Tutors

Find a qualified Maths Tutor in London

Athena tuition is based in Hampstead and serves clients in Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Fulham, and across London and specializes in private Maths tutoring services. We provide fully qualified and professional Maths tutors for 7+, 11+ 13+, KS3, GCSE and A-levels.

We understand that checking each potential tutor’s suitability is very important as an investment in your child’s education, and so alongside academic background checks, we ensure every tutor is interviewed by one of our directors, and has an up to date DBS check on record.

We make sure than any provided Maths tutor is experienced in teaching the current curriculum, able to convey Maths at a level which the student will understand, and inherently passionate about the subject.


Develop your Maths Skills with Us

Maths is a compulsory subject until students are 16 and it is therefore crucial that students feel as comfortable and confident as they can with it, and learn to enjoy this vital subject. Some students’ multiplication or division skills are weak, while others struggle with calculus. If a student doesn’t understand the basics comfortably, they may struggle with other math functions- fractions, decimals, algebra, and so on – as with this subject, above many others, more complex ideas build on simpler ones. At Athena tuition, our experienced Maths tutors start from the basics to improve student’s confidence, study skills, and ultimately their grades in Maths.

We offer Maths tutors based on each student learning style, personality and individual needs. Our Maths tutors work hard to fill in fundamental gaps, and help you understand current concepts in the curriculum. Whether you are a struggling student who is looking for a boost, or a high-performing student looking for greater results, Athena tuition is right here for you!


Computer Science and Programming Tutors

How can we help?

One of Athena Tuition’s many strengths is our ability to provide students with a wide variety of tutors who can help with programming and computer science. Our tutors can help you either in person or online, providing personalised tuition in specific programming languages, whether that’s Javascript, C#, Python or Swift or something more unusual like Prolog, Lisp or Matlab for Engineering.


Why Computer Science?

With the increase in demand for computing graduates, and with the incorporation of the new qualification, these subjects have never been so popular. Computing and software engineering require high levels of technological competency, creativity, a knack for great instinct and excellent communication skills. Our tutors can help students with ensuring they understand the academic aspects of the qualification and helping them score those precious exam marks, but they can also help with giving insights into the working world of computer science and software, giving a taste for potential career opportunities. Our gifted computer science and computing tutors can help with GCSE, IGCSE, A Level or IB Computing, Computer science, software engineering or ICT.

This challenging but exceptionally rewarding new qualification is a frequently requested subject for our tutoring agency. Athena Tuition can provide you with tutors for any computing related needs.


Contact Us:

Just call us on: 0208 133 6284

or email us at



11 Frognal, Hampstead, London, NW3 6AL

United Kingdom

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