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With years of practice, our Handymen have never met a household problem they can’t remedy. Timely repairs done with no fuss and expert proficiency is what the very best handymen provide.

Never fret over household appliances, installations, improvements or redesigns, as we specialise in acquiring Handymen with all necessary credentials and references. From plumbing to electrical, our discreet staff will ensure the smooth, continued running of your household.

Handymen are multi-talented craftsmen and tradesmen who like variety and challenge, not frustrated plumbers or gardeners who’ve thrown in the trowel (pun intended). Perhaps the old saying could be amended to ‘Jack of all trades, master of some’ to better describe a modern-day skilled, resourceful handyman. Their multi-trade experience takes care of all those items on your “to-do” list that need ticking off, done with promptness, guarantees and courtesy.


Exclusive and Multi-Talented

Retaining a reliable, capable, and discreet handyman who will devote himself to a client’s estate is an essential element for maintaining a luxury property. ‘House Doctor’ and ‘Task Rabbit’-styled franchises offering handyman and light repair services at low-cost are gaining in popularity with owners of fixer-uppers and apartment buildings, as they employ a pool of handymen to complete jobs for several clients in a day or week. Hiring an exclusive and well-qualified handyman who will devote himself to your individual needs can alleviate the trouble and bother of hiring several technicians for specific tasks. With IrvingScott, you can contract a handyman for full or part-time hire, as an independent contractor or employee, who will possess the necessary skills and training to resolve a wide variety of issues.

From the minor ‘odd jobs’ such as repairs and paint touch-ups, to more time-consuming projects such as remodeling, carpentry and even plumbing and electrical matters, a qualified and certified handyman is an integral part of a smooth-running estate and can handle most tasks that need tending to on a regular basis.


Our handymen hold the following documentation to provide our customers with security and peace of mind:





Basic HandymanRequirements

Prior, proven experience as handyman with excellent references

Strong general repair skills with an eye for detail

Skills with using hardware tools and electrical equipment

Working or technical knowledge of how electrical, plumbing or HVAC systems work

Good communication ability with physical stamina

Well-organized and possessing excellent problem-solving skills


Typical HandymanResponsibilities

Cleaning facilities by sweeping, dusting etc.


Performing routine landscaping on the grounds

Painting and filling gaps or crevices (on walls, sidewalks etc.)

Installing and maintaining basic lighting systems


Assisting electricians and plumbers and carpenters

Undertaking additional duties as needed or performing emergency tasks (e.g. shoveling snow)

Identifying and reporting the need for major repairs


Irving Scott Ltd - 0207 985 02 97

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United Kingdom
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