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Repair of apartments in London

London real estate is in great demand not only among citizens of the United Kingdom, but also among foreigners. Having a home in London is prestigious, convenient and profitable. And if private houses in the capital are not often offered for sale and they are expensive, then you can buy an apartment, both in elite and in budget areas. If you purchased an apartment, the next stage is repair work, the volume and complexity of which depends on the state of the object and your plans. It is worth noting that many foreign citizens, considering that every owner will equip even a seemingly perfect housing in accordance with his tastes and preferences, try to buy apartments that are not suitable for living, i.e. originally requiring repair. In this approach, there is a rational grain: the owner does not overpay for the interior, which will still change to your liking. Repair of apartments in London - a service in demand. The owner must choose the right performer who responsibly and efficiently perform the entire planned range of work.


Owners of London real estate should take into account that before the start of repair work, the following points should be taken into account:

In the capital, there are a lot of restrictions on the maintenance of various types of repair and construction work, both in individual houses and in apartment buildings. In order not to violate the laws due to their ignorance, foreign citizens cannot do without consultation and assistance in this matter

If you have conceived redevelopment, you will have to first obtain permission for this type of activity. Do not even hope that you can somehow agree later.

Repair in London is advisable to entrust professionals with a reliable reputation, extensive experience, professional staff. An authoritative construction company providing a wide range of services is the best choice. The conclusion of a contract with a reliable company for the repair of the object "turnkey" removes from the owner all the issues related to the organization and work. Qualified employees will be responsible for legal issues, as well as for drawing up the necessary approvals / permits, which will save the homeowner from problems with strict English law. Owners of English apartments from the CIS countries profitably and comfortably cooperate with the company, where Russian-speaking employees work, and conclude an agreement for the full range of works. The turnkey agreement gives the client the following benefits:

There is no need to take an active part in the process, to solve organizational or other issues, it is enough to periodically monitor the progress of work.

Possibility of remote control: you can regularly receive photos and video reports by e-mail or Skype.

Turnkey is the most thoughtful and effective repair technique: the contractor is responsible for the final result, responsibly treats each stage of work, takes into account every detail, which has a positive effect on quality, reliability and durability.


The cost of repairing an apartment in London

The customer determines his wishes, which the specialists take into account at the stage of project development and budgeting. The cost of repairing an apartment in London depends on many factors.

In particular, from the form:

- cosmetic, overhaul, VIP-repair;

- the amount of planned work;

- the complexity of the work;

- the cost of building materials, components;

- prices for finishing materials, decorative elements, furniture.

The total cost of repairs increases the use of special equipment, complex technologies, as well as the involvement of narrow specialists, such as restorers. Each client can order repair work in a reliable construction company in accordance with their desires and income. Modern materials and technologies provide ample opportunities, both in terms of technical implementation, and in terms of price. The main thing is for the customer to take into account that high-quality repairs cannot be cheap and such works should be entrusted only to professionals.


Our Details

2 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8DJ,

United Kingdom


+ 44 20 3579 5204


Type of service:


- Mounting shelves

- Mounting holes

- Hang a picture

- Installation of locks

- Installation of mirrors

- Install blinds

- Installation of curtains

- Install baseboards

- Replacement door lock

- Installation of door closers

- All kinds of work around the house

- Installation cooktops

- The installation of the oven

- Connect appliance


- Disassembling of furniture

- Build hallways

- Build closet

- Assembly of upholstered furniture

- Assembling office furniture

- Assembly kitchen units

- Build a computer Desk

- Build cabinets, build cabinets, chest, beds

- Modular furniture Assembly and Assembly of furniture


- Hot-key

- Repair bath turnkey


- Refrigerator repair

- Repair of household appliances

- Installation of household appliances

- Water heater installation

- Dismantling of household appliances

- Washing machine repair

- Connect the washing machine

- Connect the dishwasher

- Installation of LCD, plasma TV on the wall


- Installation drawing

- Plumbing services

- Calling a plumber in any area

- Installation of baths

- Installation of toilets

- Installation of meters

- Installation of sinks

- Installation of shower cabins

Connection of radiators

- Replacement radiators

- Replacing pipes and water supply pipes, sewage

- Installation of heating


- Call an electrician replace the meter

- Installation and Assembly of machines

- Installation of sockets

- Replacing switches

- Install sconces, chandeliers

- Installation of the RCD, in the presence of the earth.

- Installation of lighting panels, fixtures of any type.

- Connection of appliances.

- Partial or complete replacement of wiring in apartments, new buildings.

- Shtroblenie walls under the wiring

- The wiring in country houses, apartments, offices

- Build shield lighting

- Search for hidden wiring

- Repair and Troubleshooting in electrical

- Prepare electricians for the kitchen on your project


-We work without intermediaries and without days off!


United Kingdom
2 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8DJ,
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