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AM Air Conditioning Ltd – Residential Air Conditioning Installers In London


AM Air Conditioning Ltd know that for the conscientious, forward-thinking homeowner in London, you will be fully aware that the climate is changing and it is getting warmer. Capital cities will be hit the hardest and there will be an increased demand for home cooling systems, or domestic air conditioning units fully fitted into homes. Home air conditioning systems will become more common in London and the UK.


Home Air Conditioner

For the home, an air conditioning unit that is wall mounted is the most popular for domestic use, they are easy to install and cause the least damage to existing walls during installation. They are able to provide both cooling and heating for the room.


Air Conditioning Systems

To have a complete air conditioning duct system installed will be the most costly solution to cooling and heating your home all year round. We recommend this option for those that are building a new house, simply because of the work involved in an existing building.


Home Air Conditioner Repair

For all air conditioning units that we install, there is a risk of a mechanical breakdown at some point in the life of the unit or system. We want all of our customers to feel that our services for repairing any faulty unit to be responsive and diligent.


Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

To keep down costs and to increase the probability of your home air con unit, or system running efficiently for a longer time it will have to be maintained regularly by our service teams. For a home air conditioning system, it is recommended to have at least a service once a year.


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Installing an air cooling system can be very beneficial for homes, offices and even factories. They provide cold air in seconds and give users control over the temperature so they are as comfortable as possible. This was especially felt in London over the past decade during the summers and in particular, the summers of 2006 and 2013 were far above the long term average for average temperatures. These hotter and longer summers are ominous signs of global warming increasing temperatures here in the UK in the not so distant future. Those that had climate control in their homes and offices were able to find relief from the pressing heat that was felt outside.


Home Comfort

In a home an air conditioner can make the entire family, including kids and pets, a lot more comfortable. With the low temperatures, they won’t sweat as much, which will reduce the risk of dehydration caused by excessive sweating. In addition to this, cooler air will make it easy to get to sleep and stay asleep. Most people find it impossible to get rest when they are consumed with heat in their home, and an air conditioner can solve that within minutes. Residential air conditioning systems can even make homes safer, as they won’t have to rely on open windows and doors for incoming air.

Affordable domestic cooling units are out there, so the cost doesn’t have to stop you from getting a unit in your home. Even better, you can generally get cheap prices if you’re willing to purchase your air conditioner during the winter. Many companies will offer deep discounts because this is the time of year when they don’t have much business.


Office Comfort

Business owners can benefit from air cooling systems more than they may think. The cool air provided to their employees will ramp up their productivity and make them more alert while they work. A lot of office managers don’t realize that hot temperatures in the office actually decrease productivity and cause more mistakes, which will only cost money in the long run. Colder air can also keep the office cool so that computers and other machines don’t easily overheat. Another benefit is that employee morale will go up due to their increased comfort, and that can make the workplace run more smoothly overall.


Business Comfort

Although air conditioning may be considered an essential in the future for homes and offices, what about other types of businesses? Air conditioning installation in London is definitely not just limited to residential and commercial usage. In the factory or industrial setting controlled temperatures can keep employees cool so they sweat less, which is important because most factory workers have very physically active jobs. In addition to this, inventory and machinery cool so they don’t get ruined. For example, if a factory has employees who make chocolates and other confectioneries, the temperature will need to be controlled so that those treats don’t melt. The employees will also need to be kept cool, or else they could suffer from fatigue and excessive sweating, which can result in expensive injuries on the job.

Grocery stores, clothing stores and other shops can also benefit from cool air because it will keep shoppers comfortable so they don’t leave right away. This can increase sales, keep inventory in good condition and reduce chances of customers walking out. Other businesses, like museums, bars, restaurants, etc., can actually make more money by keeping cool. People are more likely to go into businesses that are ice cold on hot days, and they may stay longer, which can increase sales. Hot temperatures indoors are never good for a business and should be avoided because of the loss they can trigger.


How Long Will Installation Take?

A basic installation will only take a few hours for a technician to install. That will be followed by 30 minutes or so to teach you how to actually use the unit. For more sophisticated air conditioning installations in London, the time will to complete the installation will almost certainly increase. Most technicians will be able to do large jobs over the course of 2-3 days, as long as there isn’t additional structural work in the home that needs to be done. If there is additional work required, then the process can take up one to two days per room. Duct work for some cooling systems can also increase installation time in homes.

In an office, factory or business environment the installation will generally take much longer because of the sheer size of buildings compared to most homes. One to two weeks is the general length of time required to do a full installation, but it can take much longer in buildings that are bigger in size. The initial installation estimate should give business owners an idea of how long the installation should expect.


Will Installation be Disruptive?

Most installation technicians can do their work inside homes quietly, quickly and efficiently. Of course, there may be disruption involved for larger jobs where the technicians have to perform duct work or structural changes to the home, so it’s important to discuss this before work begins. For installation in offices, factories or large businesses, the technicians will normally be able to work without the employees being affected so work can go on as usual.


Installation Requirements

In London most companies require their air conditioner installers to have certification from the City and Guilds for refrigeration and air conditioning. These courses prove that the installers are qualified for the installation of air-conditioning systems and commercial refrigeration systems. There are different levels of qualification, and requirements for technicians, will vary for each company. In addition to this, installers that work with gas will need to be F-Gas certified in London.

Global warming is now an accepted fact, my scientists throughout the world and as a consequence of this the summers in the UK are predicted to get hotter and longer in the coming decades, your comfort at home and at work will surely be enhanced with the use of a system. The initial investment to install a climate control system might sound expensive for something you won’t use in the middle of winter, but if you think about it long term you will realise that it means relief from warmer and longer summers. By Installing an air conditioning system in London you will be investing in the future relief for yourself or your employees.


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