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No problem is too big for Homecure.

Our plumbing services in London are available for emergency callouts and planned visits, keeping your plumbing system in perfect working order.

Available 24/7, 365 days

City & Guilds trained plumbers

Friendly and helpful service


We Offer Plumbing Services in London

Looking for the immediate services of a plumber in the London area We’ve got you covered! Here at Homecure we offer an impressive range of plumbing services, including an emergency 24/7* call-out.

No matter where you are in the Capital, whether it’s day or night, if you need the help of an emergency plumber, call us. Homecure Emergency Plumbers – never further than a phone call away!

All of our plumbers are Gas Safe registered and City & Guilds certified. That may satisfy most firms but here at Homecure we do not employ ‘paper champions’. To get onto our books each plumber must display a practical expertise and show initiative in fault-finding and the good diagnosis of problems. As a result our plumbers are trained to the high standards we demand, ensuring not only an unrivalled quality of workmanship but that each job carried out is 100% safe and complies with all the necessary regulations. When you hire us you can rest assured that you’re working with some of the best plumbers in the country!

Our plumbing services cover the whole of London and the Home Counties.


Our general plumbing services include:

The locating and good repair of leaks (inside and outside). The removal and replacement of the section of pipe affected. Measures put in place to ensure that the problem doesn’t reoccur in the future.


Areas our Plumbing Services cover in London

We cover the whole of London, Greater London and the Home Counties. From Hackney to Harrow and Lambeth to Lewisham, there’s not a square in the city that our services do not cover. Whether you require an out of hours emergency plumber, or someone to come and install a new boiler or shower in your property, we’re the people you need to talk to.

We are absolutely committed to customer care and satisfaction and believe in offering our customers the lowest price possible while delivering an excellent quality of service.

To find out more about who we are and what we do, or if you’d like to schedule a visit by one of our plumbers, please call us now on: 0203 504 4000.


Our general plumbing services include

We isolate and repair overflow problems, replacing ball-valves where deemed necessary

We provide a shower installation and repair service. If your shower isn’t working as it should be, one of our specialist engineers will drive out and put it right for you!

Toilet repairs. If your toilet is blocked, leaking or just isn’t flushing correctly, simply call us and we’ll come out and repair it for you.

Leaking tap repair. Whether your tap drips when turned off, or the pipework beneath your sink is leaking, we’ll quickly isolate the problem and put things right. With Homecure you’ll never have to listen to a dripping tap again!

We identify and fix hot water problems and immersion heaters. Have no running hot water? Don’t hesitate to call… Homecure will help!

…and we do much more besides: tank installation and repair; radiators; waste pipes; wet rooms and kitchen and bathroom plumbing. Whatever your problem, if it concerns plumbing or heating, Homecure is the only place to come.




Are you in urgent need of an emergency plumber in London? Homecure Plumbers are ready to help.


Our Emergency Plumbing Services

Homecure Plumbers offers fast and specialist solutions to plumbing emergencies. Faced with a desperate need for assistance? Our highly-trained professionals are available immediately for same-day call-outs.

Gas and water emergencies can be very serious if ignored or left too long, which is why we offer emergency plumbing in London 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter where in the capital you live, we will be on hand to fix your plumbing problem and get you back to normality.


A plumbing emergency can turn into a plumbing disaster very quickly.

Don’t wait for things to get worse.

Contact our emergency plumbers in Greater London on 0800 020 9222 for free (0203 504 4000 for mobiles) immediately.


Why Call Out Our Emergency Plumbers in London?

What makes Homecure Plumbers right for you?

We go above and beyond to find the most skilled and attentive staff around. Not only are all our plumbing engineers Gas Safe registered and certified by City & Guilds, but we also ensure they can demonstrate genuine problem-solving skills and practical fault-finding expertise: two essential traits of a top emergency plumber.

We take great pride in our quality of service and workmanship. All jobs comply with necessary safety and industry regulations. Offering a 24/7 emergency plumbing services across all of London and the home counties, we guarantee you’ll find nobody better or more suited to your problem than Homecure Plumbers.


What is a Plumbing Emergency?

Uncertain as to whether your plumbing problems constitute an emergency? If they are causing property damage or posing even the slightest risk to safety, get in touch with us now!

For problematic but less severe issues, how can you tell if you need to call out an emergency plumber in London? Common emergency plumbing issues include:


Blockages: Blockages can lead to a build-up of pressure in your system and/or cause damage to property and appliances. From faucets and showers to toilers and pipework, call our emergency plumbers to ensure problems are effectively managed


Leaks: Central heating and water systems should be airtight. Anything leaking, even seemingly minor issues, can become an emergency very quickly. Look out for drips coming from pipework, puddles around sinks or appliances, or anything else that gives you reason to suspect a leak.

No Hot Water: A lack of hot water can have numerous causes ranging in severity, not to mention being an absolute nightmare. Homecure Plumbers can quickly isolate the issue and get the hot water flowing.

Sewer Backup: Having sewer waste backup into your home is a disaster. Gurgling toilets, multiple and severe drainage clogs and a strong odour are early warning signs. Any occurrence of sewage backup is a definite plumbing emergency.

Water Pressure Problems: Low water pressure, or a complete lack of running water, can indicate serious issues within your home. Don’t delay in contacting our emergency plumbers.

Malfunctioning Boiler: Boiler misbehaving, making loud noises, switching itself off or simply not working altogether? Boilers are complicated machines, so internal issues can get worse over time and lead to even bigger issues.

Faulty boilers need fixing immediately.


Remember: these are just examples of common plumbing emergencies. If you have serious concerns about your safety or are experiencing problems that are not on this list, but you still believe urgent attention is required, get in touch. You can also call us to discuss your plumbing problems and, together with our experts, determine if you need immediate action.




A broken down boiler will always catch you unaware and there is nothing worse than being left without hot water and heating. That’s why at Homecure we make sure we are always prepared and available to visit your property to get your boiler back up and running.

Our friendly team of Gas Safety registered and City and Guilds accredited engineers are on hand to get to your home at the drop of a hat. Decades of combined experienced ensures there is no problem we aren’t able to fix and we make sure it’s all done at a price you can afford.


Some of the boiler repair jobs we are typically called out to fix include:

Faulty pipework and water leakage

Broken thermostat controls

Boiler kettling (banging/whistling noises)

Lack of hot water in the property

Faulty pumps, valves and burners

Boiler ignition problems

Display panel error codes


In the vast majority of cases we are able to repair your boiler in a single visit. On the very rare occasion that additional parts are required we will do all can to provide a short-term solution so you can remain warm and comfortable at home in the meantime.

We are vastly experienced at dealing with all types and brands of boilers. Regardless of how old, or new, your boiler may be, we will find the right solution quickly and efficiently.

No matter what time of day your boiler breaks down you can rely on Homecure to help.

Our emergency plumbing call out service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our boiler repair engineers are Gas Safe registered and City & Guilds accredited with years of hands-on experience. Your safety is of the upmost important to us, which is why we only employ engineers who have been stringently vetted and approved fit to visit your home.

Call us on 0203 504 4000 if you need emergency boiler repairs. Wherever possible we will aim to be at your address within the hour.

The Homecure team operates throughout the capital, Greater London and the Home Counties. Our engineers will arrive in a fully branded van and will put your worries at ease with their friendly approach and first class customer service.

There’s no boiler we can’t repair, with brands such as Vaillant, Worcester, Bosch, Potterton, Baxi, Alpha, Vokera and many more all serviceable by our engineers.

All work carried out by our boiler repair service is fully insured. We also offer generous OAP and NHS discounts. Feel free to ask about this when you get in touch.




In order to get the very best out of your boiler at home, it pays to have it serviced at regular intervals. Rather than waiting for it to break down and having to pay for emergency repairs, ensuring it receives ongoing maintenance will save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, our Gas Safe registered engineers will ensure your boiler is achieving optimal performance. We will also be able to spot any issues before they turn into larger problems, recommending cost effective solutions that optimise use of energy around the home.

This is a service we can apply to any type and brand of boiler, regardless of its age. Not only will regular maintenance extend the useful life of your boiler, it will help you do your bit for the environment by reducing fumes and emissions.

It is also worth remembering that the majority of boiler insurance policies will only offer compensation if you receive an annual service.

At Homecure we see our work as more than just resolving technical problems. Our job is to ease your concerns and find long-lasting solutions that will make a difference to your lifestyle at home. That’s why our engineers are trained to diagnose and repair faulty boilers in compliance with current regulations.

Our flexible schedule makes it easy to book a maintenance appointment with a Homecure engineer.

Simply give us a call on 0203 504 4000 or request a call back and we’ll take care of the rest.


To save money and ensure you are getting the most from your boiler, you can book an appointment with one of our fully qualified engineers today.

Our engineers are Gas Safe registered and City & Guilds accredited. Combined with years of hands-on experience, Homecure provide access to some of the most knowledgeable boiler experts working anywhere in the southeast.

If you live in London, Greater London or the Home Counties, you can rely on Homecure to service your boiler with short or advance notice.

When your boiler receives repairs or maintenance from a Homecure engineer, you also get a full minimum 3 month written guarantee on the workmanship provided.


Head Office:

Homecure Plumbers

25-27 Horsell Road


N5 1XL


Call: 0203 504 4000

United Kingdom
25-27 Horsell Road London
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