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Emergency Plumber Cardiff


Availability 24 Hours

High Quality

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Emergency plumber Cardiff is an established plumbing company that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In short, you can call us at any time, be it day or night and we’ll come to your rescue.

With us, you can rest assured that you always have someone to count on should start experiencing a plumbing problem at midnight, in the wee hours of the morning or the middle of the day.

Emergencies always come unannounced, and always when you least expect them. We always answer our phones, but we are not only quick to respond to you. Our experts keep on completing the work as quickly as they can to get your home in perfect order.

We also ensure that all our staff customer focused. However, encourage you to report to us should you encounter any unpleasant service. Therefore, report any positive or negative feedback to us. It’s always good for any company to know where they need to pull up their socks. And, where they’re doing a good job.


Water Heater Service

Water Heaters Installer and repair tankless in Cardiff.

Hot water is a necessity for every home, and to achieve this, the water heater must always be in good working condition. You cannot do the following things without hot water:

– Enjoy a long luxurious shower in your shower or bathtub

– Run your dishwasher

– Do your laundry if some of your clothing requires washing with warm water

– Wash your hands with warm water during cold seasons or late at night

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Plumber Cardiff

We can fix the following water heaters problems:

– Smelly water because of heat burning sediment that might have built up

– Noisy heaters because of sediment buildup

– Cold water coming out of outlets like taps, bathtubs or showers despite the water heater being on

– Fluctuations between hot and cold water which can be frustrating

– No water coming out which could be as a result of blockage or a problem with the inlet or outlet pipes

– Leaking water heater

– Controls failure when they can’t automatically stop the water from overheating

Boiler Repairs Service

A boiler in an integral part of any home as it provides warmth during cold seasons. If you live in a cold climate area, you might require the boiler repairs services of a properly working boiler all year around.

As opposed to using a regular heater, a boiler uses energy much more efficiently, lowering your energy bill. A boiler stores energy at night when the costs are lower, and dispenses it to your house throughout the day.

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Plumber Cardiff

We can repair the following boiler issues:

- Air in the system which might cause gargling, banging or whistling noises

– Lime scale that might have built up

– A boiler that keeps going on and off which could be a problem with electricity, thermostat, water pressure

– Radiator, not heating which makes the water remain cold or warm

– An inaccurate thermostat which is unable to control the water temperature

We can also install a new boiler for you if the current one has served you for over 15 years.


Toilet Repair and Installation Service

Is your waste not going down the toilet as it should? This can perhaps be the most frustrating of all plumbing issues.

Whether your toilet starts malfunctioning in the middle of the night or early in the morning, please reach out to us, and we’ll assist you to fix it. We are there whenever emergency Toilet Repair and plumber needs arise.

Call 02922550417


Blocked Toilet Repair Cardiff

We also repair the following toilet- related problems:

– Low or high water pressure which makes it impossible for you to eliminate waste

– Leaking toilet either at the bottom of the inlet pipe

– Broken toilet parts like the handle or cistern

– A toilet that keeps moving around at the base when means that the toilet installed did not correctly fix it at the bottom

– A foul odor coming from the toilet which could be embarrassing

– A problem with the inlet pipe which could make water unusable to get to the cistern

– The cistern being unable to regulate the flow of water by automatically stopping the inlet when full

Leak Detection Service

We are a local specialist leak detection company covering Cardiff. Have you started noticing a pool of water collecting in certain areas around the house? You might require our help to spot the leakage. You might have to deal with a more significant issue down the line if you don’t get rid of your leaking problem now. We offer a ‘find and fix’ leak detection service in Cardiff.

The leaks can cause massive damages to your foundation which can weaken your entire structure. Remember that it’s always better to take care of leaks as soon as you notice them instead of having to repair your foundation which can be quite expensive. Expert Leak Detection Specialists in Cardiff using the latest non-intrusive hit-tech leak detection techniques.

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Plumber Cardiff

We have the latest equipment to detect your leaks accurately. Our equipment helps you save time and money, and get your leaking problem out of the way for good.

We also repair leaking pipes. Leaking pipes happen because of:

– Old pipe that needs replacement

– Rust is your pipes are prone to using

– High water pressure that causes pipes to burst

– Poor installation of pipes


Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Cardiff Maintenance & Repair. Instead of providing heat, an air conditioner cools the air around you, to make an excessively hot environment comfortable. An air conditioner is essential if you have little kids, the elderly or sickly people in your house.

Do you have new property and would like to fix a new air conditioning in Cardiff? We can fix a new one for you. Are you always spending too much money on air conditioner repairs? We operate throughout the Cardiff area, with timely and decisive services. You might need a new air conditioner to avoid frequent breakdowns.

Call 02922550417


Plumber Cardiff

We can fix the following air conditioner issues:

– Poor fixing and connection of wires and the equipment in general

– Dirty fan and ducts which are a result of dust and other debris build up

– Air conditioner not going on despite the socket going on

– Cool air unable to reach all areas of the house

– A noisy conditioner

- An air conditioner that is unable to regulate the temperatures making the room chilly


Blocked Drain Service

Are your drains blocked? Most of the time, blocked drain in Cardiff are a result of accidental flushing down of toys by little kids. Other times, blockage in inevitable especially in places like showers where hair gets stuck, or in the kitchen where food particle is unavoidable.

If you’re thinking of using drainage unblocking chemicals, please be aware that they may cause your pipes to corrode. Corroded pipes might bring you a serious problem after a short time because the pipes might start leaking.

Call 02922550417


Plumber Cardiff

You might need to do a complete overhaul of your pipework, which can me b costly. Construction of this magnitude might also make your house unlivable for some time but we are here to help you.

If you’ve noticed that your drainage is being problematic, call a reliable and qualified company immediately. Always bear in mind that when it comes to plumbing issues, the longer you wait, the bigger the problem becomes. We have the right equipment to unblock your drains in minimal time. We’re blocked drains specialists in Cardiff.



Address: Cardiff, United Kingdom

Phone: 02922550417


Open: Monday – Sunday 24 / 7

United Kingdom

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