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Blocked Drains in Liverpool

Blocked drains could affect your health

Blocked drains aren’t only a major inconvenience, they can be a big health hazard. When you look to get your drains unblocked, you want to trust someone who is experienced to get the job done thoroughly and correctly.

Common causes of blocked drains

- Trees and leaves

- Fat and grease

- Hair

- Other foreign objects

Easy solutions

Using the latest technology and extensive knowledge of our Service Today technicians from Liverpool can assist you in fixing a nasty blocked drain issue in no time.


Our services include:

- Investigating the issue with CCTV Drain Cameras to find the exact issue

- Locating the position of the camera with a pin-point Pipe Locator so there is no confusion about where to work

- Removing the blockage with high pressure water jetting equipment

- Double checking the full removal of the blockage with the Drain Camera

- Recommending the way to prevent this happening again


Do it once, do it right!

Get a Service Today technician to deal with your blocked drains today!


Gas Fitting in Liverpool

Switching to gas requires a qualified technician.

When your electrical appliances don’t meet your home standards, gas alternatives are a very popular choice. There are many reasons why you might want to use gas in your household. To help you with your decisions here’s is what you need to know about installing gas in your home in Liverpool.

Why choose gas?

It saves you money by being more efficient than other energy sources

Natural gas is one of the safest energy sources

Provides “endless hot water”, instantly controlled cooking. everything becomes available at a press of the button

You can use it for a variety of appliances in your house

Adds value to your property

It’s environmentally friendly

Australia has natural gas in abundance so you never have to worry about running out of it

Once it’s installed, it’s convenient to use


We can fit your home correctly

Whether you are considering it for heating or cooking, you need to entrust the installation to an experienced and qualified tradesmen.


When a Service Today technician is fitting your home for gas, you can be ensured that they are:

- Fully licensed and compliant

- Completely insured

- Highly experienced with every aspect of gas fitting

- Capable of choosing right materials for installation efficiency

- Able to provide compliance documentation on completion

- Fast and efficient without disturbing your daily routine


Service Today technicians in Liverpool understand every aspect of gas fitting from quoting through to full installation. Their solutions can save you on installation and operational costs while ensuring the safety of all pipes and fittings. We can also offer maintenance and servicing at your request. Our company also offers maintenance services upon your request.

Enquire about a Service Today gas fitting now!


Hot Water Heaters in Liverpool

new water heater could save you a lot of money

When your hot water system stops working it usually happens suddenly. At that point, you don’t really have time to review all the available options unless you’re a fan of cold showers. To speed up this process, most people choose the same old system. But what if there are better products on the market these days? Advanced technology in water heaters has provided cost-saving and eco-friendly solutions that just weren’t available in the past. Water heaters deliver hot water instantly as they keep a generous quantity stored and ready for use.


Common problems of old hot water systems:

- Very quickly running out of hot water

- Too hot

- Pilot doesn’t stay lit

- It uses too much water which can lead to high water bills

- Black or rusty water out of the tap

- Water wastage from a leaking tank

- Low water pressure

- Taking up too much space


Our technicians at Service Today Liverpool will do it for you

Service Today specialists can help you pick the right water heater for your home by quickly adjusting the device choice to your household needs such as:

- Property size and space

- The number of people in your home

- Main usage times

- Volume of usage

- Ventilation needs

- Direction of your home


There many different hot water systems available on the market these days. Our specialists will help you to choose it wisely. Whichever option you will decide to go for, make sure you take care of its maintenance so it will work efficiently for a long time. Have a look at the range of water heaters Service Today recommends to our customers:


Storage Heaters

Our most popular option coming in three different kinds: gas, electricity and solar tanks that accumulate heat in water and distributes it on demand. The device is also available in a range of sizes between 50 and 300 litres.


Instantaneous Heaters

These come in two types: external and internal. This water system is tankless which means it doesn’t take much space in your house in Liverpool and heats the water on demand. The solution also guarantees you “endless hot water” as there is no water storage.


Solar Heaters

We are lucky to live in the country that is quite famous for its abundance of the sunlight. The solution is quite popular in Australia, and what’s even better is it’s environment friendly. Water circulates between the panels with maximum sun exposure. The system works the best in connection with other electrical or gas hot water solutions to avoid shortages when there’s no sun


Heat pumps

They are the latest and the most energy efficient systems currently available. It uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one spot to another. They absorb heat from the air or ground to heat water but can also work in a reverse way. If you understand how air conditioners work then it shouldn’t be difficult for you.


Service or get a new water system with us Choosing the right water system for your house in Liverpool isn’t as easy as you may think, but we can assure you it’s worth it.

Get one of our Service Today technicians in Liverpool to assist with your hot water heater today.


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