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Make sure your toilet is sounding flush

Out of all the breakdowns that might happen in your house in Liverpool, your toilet failure is probably one of the most uncomfortable ones. And trying to fix it yourself doesn’t sound like fun. Toilet cisterns have a lot of moving parts and where there are moving parts, there is maintenance. When your toilet isn’t working properly it can be one of the biggest nuisances in the home, but there is no need to put up with it.


Main types of toilet malfunction

Water constantly running into the bowl

Cisterns not filling fast enough or being too noisy

Toilets not flushing correctly

Water dripping onto the floor from the cistern

Water dripping onto the floor when flushed

Water leaking from under the toilet


Quick fix

Our reliable team of specialists from Service Today in Liverpool can help you with:

- Unblocking your toilet

- Stop the leaking and problems with flushing

- Install a new toilet or replace damaged and old parts


Don’t Get Your Hands Dirty

Our local Service Today technicians in Liverpool can get your toilet running perfectly again. And if it needs to be replaced, they will provide you with an upfront honest quote.

Get an experienced Service Today technician to fix your toilet today!


Call 9119 7134 now and if we can’t book you in today, it’s free!


To make a booking, call us on 9119 7134

One of our friendly representatives in the Liverpool area will give you a call to discuss your needs.


Service Today offer 24/7 emergency service with rapid response, which means if you have a problem, we’ll have the first available technician out there as soon as possible.


Toilet Repairs in Liverpool

To make a booking, call us on: 9119 7134

United Kingdom

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