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Looking for an electrician in London? Welcome to the Handy Squad.


Have you searched for electrician near me or find an electrician near me?

No need to search any longer, you’ve found the perfect London electricians for any job you might require. From changing a lightbulb in your home if you are running short of time to do it yourself to replacing any electrical item in your office or installing new switches, installing new plug sockets and installing light fittings.

All of the services we offer we can be done in both commercial buildings and residential buildings.

Our experienced electricians can also do electrical installation condition reports and portable appliance tests.


Is your doorbell not working?

Or has your circuit breaker tripped? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Damaged appliances, electrical shocks and flickering lights can be signs of electrical problems within your home or office’s electrical circuit. At the Handy Squad we have a highly-experienced team of electricians who will be able to find a solution to any electrical issue you might face.

Our London electricians deal with many electrical repairs and electricity faults, including repairing or replacing light switches.

If something suddenly stops working, it may not just be a simple question of resetting a tripped fuse. It can also be dangerous to investigate without the proper equipment. Perhaps a cable has become disconnected, a transformer has burned out or a circuit has been overloaded. In any case, you will need a qualified electrician to find and resolve the problem so that it does not recur.


Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm

A reception and messaging service operates at all other times.


– call-outs / jobs can be scheduled for times outside office hours

– this includes evenings and weekends, by appointment


Our Address:

Unit 17 Sulivan Enterprise Centre,

Sulivan Road,


London SW6 3DJ


Calls from abroad or mobiles – please call:

020 7384 5160

0 800 0 12 12 12

United Kingdom
Unit 17 Sulivan Enterprise Centre, Sulivan Road, Fulham, London SW6 3DJ
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