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Where are our care homes located in London?

Within our beautiful care homes in London we provide an exceptional level of professional nursing, specialist dementia care and residential care.

These magnificent care homes, set in wonderful locations, are some of the best available in London.

With dedicated, highly trained staff providing a professional level of palliative, nursing and residential care, superb accommodation, facilities and a broad range of activities, The Pines, Home of Compassion, Galsworthy House and Deer Park View create a ‘home from home’ atmosphere, ensuring that all of our residents feel cared for, comfortable and content.


Types of care

From dementia care and short stay respite breaks to registered nursing care and residential care, we offer many different types of support in our homes.

We work closely with residents’ families to choose the appropriate levels of care for their loved one. Our experienced and dedicated care teams then spend time getting to know each individual so we can put together a care plan that is unique to their needs and requirements.

Our aim is to deliver best quality care everywhere, every day, and tailored services chosen by residents and their families.


Dementia care

We provide specialist dementia care in most of our care homes. We understand the specific challenges faced by people living with dementia – our teams are able to provide professional and compassionate support for both our residents and their loved ones.


Residential care

Our residential care homes provide a safe, warm and friendly environment with support for daily tasks such as washing, cleaning and laundry. In our homes we work to create a welcoming atmosphere in which residents enjoy activities, go on outings and make friends with other residents. We recognise that residents have very individual requirements, and our care homes provide a range of care services to help meet these needs.


Nursing care

We provide nursing care for individuals with specialist requirements in many of our care homes. Our nursing care teams are fully qualified and have the specialist expertise required to care for residents’ varying medical needs and requirements. People who come to us may be living with conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease; others may have suffered a brain injury as a result of an accident, or require ventilator care.


Day Care

Day care offers a friendly and stimulating home-away-from-home, for people who are still living at home and may need some additional support during the day. Many of our homes provide care for people with dementia, physical frailty or simply those who want a more active social environment. Our day care gives people the opportunity to socialise with friends and engage in a range of activities, while their family carers have the confidence of knowing their loved ones are safe and cared for.


Care fees & funding

The cost of residential care can vary hugely by location and the care required. Your care needs assessment will help determine whether you require nursing care. If you do require nursing care, this is likely to increase your care home costs considerably. It is important to bear in mind that, although you may not need nursing care now, your needs could change in the future.


How our fees work

When you or a loved one move into a care home it is essential that you understand the costs involved and affordability of the home you have chosen, as well as making yourself aware of exactly what the Local Authority (LA) can provide. Seeking specialist advice is important, but we have tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions below.


Who qualifies for local authority financial assistance?

If you have been assessed as needing a care home place and your capital is below £23,250, you should be entitled to some level of financial support from your local authority.


If you have capital below £14,250 you will be entitled to the maximum level of support, although you will still contribute your income less £23.90 per week (retained for personal expenses).


If you have capital between £14,250 and £23,250 you will also pay a capital tariff of £1 per week for each £250, or part thereof, between these two figures.


If your assets – which may include your property – are calculated to be above £23,250 you will, in most cases, be expected to pay privately for your own care.


If the State is paying do I have a choice of care home?

You will have a choice of care home if the Local Authority is paying for your care, and you can even choose a home in a different county.


The home you choose must be suitable for your assessed needs, comply with any terms and conditions set by the LA, and must not cost any more than the LA would usually pay for someone with your needs.

What if the home costs more than the local authority is prepared to pay for?


The Local Authority will allow the fees to be topped-up by a third party, so long as they are able to do so over the long term. You are not allowed to top-up the fees yourself from your capital below £23,250.


Contact Us: 01206 224 100

Find Us:

Colchester Head Office

Bradbury House, 830 The Crescent, Colchester

Essex CO4 9YQ

United Kingdom

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