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Expert Animal Health Care in Leeds

Established in 1998, Oakwood Veterinary Surgery in Leeds is a small animal practice, offering exceptional animal health care by experienced vets.


Pet vaccinations in Leeds

Ensure your pet is healthy with our services

Are you bringing a new pet home? Ensure your new pet's vaccinations are up to date in order to protect them from any possible infections from other pets in your home.


Animals are vaccinated between 8 to 12 weeks of age, after which they will require an annual booster vaccination. Older pets also need protection against infectious diseases.


Booster vaccinations for your dogs, cats and rabbits

Animals require booster vaccinations to keep their immune system effective against common infectious diseases.


Microchipping for your pets in Leeds

Keep track of your pets' whereabouts

Microchipping is the process of placing a small electronic device beneath your pet's skin, usually in the back of the neck. It is a quick and easy procedure that takes a few minutes. We highly recommend having your pet microchipped as it is extremely useful to help reunite you with your pet should they go missing.


Find your lost pet using microchip identification

The following details are stored within your pet's microchip:

- Unique chip ID

- Pet owner contact information

- Pet name and description

- Veterinarian contact information

Animal shelters and veterinarians use microchip identification to return lost pets to their owners.


Complete animal care by experienced vets

Oakwood Veterinary Surgery provides a wide range of veterinary services including:

- Animal dentistry

- X-rays and operations

- Neutering

- Vaccinations

- Microchipping

- Pet nutrition

- Pet passports

We also do neutering for Dogs Trust and Cats Protection.

We can arrange home visits should you be unable to bring your pet to our surgery.


A well-established veterinary surgery in Leeds

Small animal practice

With over 40 years of veterinary experience, we provide a high standard of animal care for small animals such as cats, dogs, fish, birds and rabbits. You can rely on us for personalised services and expert advice on pet care. Our surgery has free, on-site parking facilities.

Contact our friendly staff today to discuss the needs of your pets.


Quality medical and surgical care

After a medical or surgical treatment, we offer expert advice on feeding and recovery. Whether it is preventative care or a life-saving operation, rest assured that your pet is in safe hands. Our team of dedicated and experienced vets and nurses are passionate about animal care. We strive to give your pet the best possible veterinary service there is.


Pet neutering for charity work

At Oakwood Veterinary Surgery we participate in charity work, neutering pets for Cats Protection and the Dogs Trust.


We are passionate about animal care with years of experience in treating small animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, small birds, rats and mice. We are available 7 days a week to ensure your pet is taken care of without any delay.


Why choose Oakwood Veterinary Surgery?

Small animal practice in a fully equipped surgery

24-hour emergency cover available

Vaccinations and microchipping

Pet passports provided

Pet nutrition and prescription food

Pet X-rays and operations


Our contact details

Phone: 0113 273 2755


Address: Oakwood Veterinary Surgery,

6 Dib Lane,

Leeds, LS8 3DE

United Kingdom

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