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Thirty Minute Doggy Care Visits

You might not need a professional dog walker to walk your dog(s), but you're worried about your dog(s) being left home alone all day while you or you and the family is out at at work or school.  In that case, you need the services of someone like me who can pop in during the day to let your dog(s) out into the garden to have a run, play, and go to the toilet, and give them fresh water and feed them if you want me to. 

Thirty Minute Cat Care Visits 

On the whole, our cats are very independent and are usually okay with being left home alone for a few hours. The problem comes when we, their human staff, want to go away for a few days. Obviously we can't leave them on their own for days on end, and as most cats, particularly house cats, like my Sally & Dotty, hate change you want, if it's possible to let them stay at home while you're away. Doing this is possible if you book me to drop in on tham once or twice a day to feed them, change their water, clean their litter tray(s), and give them some playtime and fusses.

Dogs & Cats
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Steve Frost
United Kingdom
8 Rosemary Close
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Pet Care
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Saturday, 24 April 2021
3 years 1 month ago
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