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London WiFi Specialists

If you’re experiencing weak WiFi Signals on your existing wireless network. And have WiFi black spot areas at home or in your office. We can easily boost and increase the wireless network signal coverage.

Using Enterprise WiFi Access Points.

We connected it by discrete Cat6 cabling and/or using Mesh wireless technology.

We have specialist wifi engineers across London ready to help you improve your wifi.


WiFi Installers London

Our enhanced unified WiFi works no matter the layout of your home — whether it’s an apartment, a house or a large building.

We install WiFi access points throughout your property to deliver a reliable wifi connection.

Optima WiFi engineers deliver a reliable, stable, and secure WiFi solution that is ready for today’s Internet of Things, work-from-home, remote-learning, and online-everything environment.

Reliable WiFi coverage across your entire property for full business and smart home integration.


Home WiFi

Improving your Wi-Fi Network in your Home

Today, the need for robust and reliable Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi coverage throughout all areas of the home is vital. Your single ISP provided Wi-Fi Router confined to a sole room in your property is just not enough to enable full wifi coverage in your home. Most households have 25+ devices that require a Wi-Fi connection. By adding quality Cabling and Enterprise or Mesh WiFi Access Points in “Black Spot” locations, we were able to attain 100 percent WiFi coverage in the majority of our Home WiFi Installations.


Stability – we make sure your WiFi Network has both consistency and speed,

Strength – we make sure your Home has full Coverage and WiFi available in every room of the house.

Reliability – We full manage and maintain your wifi installation so that you can have the best WiFi coverage at all times


By troubleshooting and enhancements, whether your old device was incorrectly installed, or malfunctioning, we can improve your home Wi-Fi network.


15 Sussex Ring, London N12 7HX

020 8445 6700

United Kingdom
15 Sussex Ring, London N12 7HX
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Tuesday, 01 November 2022
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