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Are you looking for a trusted microblading semi-permanent eyebrow makeup provider in the Leeds West Yorkshire area? Then you are in the right place!


The process of preparing every day can become prolonged when you have to painstakingly produce the ideal eyebrows that will mirror each other and that are in proportion to your facial shape and features.

For a lot of women, this time can be better utilised doing something else like making a relaxing cup of coffee to enjoy. We can make sure that you look flawless every day with the magic of semi-permanent makeup.

Microblading, which is semi-permanent makeup, will introduce hypoallergenic pigments into your dermal (the innermost layer of your skin). What this provides for your skin is it delivers you the ideal image even when you are without makeup.


Why Choose Semi Permanent Make up in Leeds?

The treatment has actually permitted countless women to awaken looking gorgeous in the morning. It is done by an expert and qualified therapist who has a good understanding of facial features and what look fits each facial structure. Utilising semi-permanent makeup will alter your look in a variety of methods consisting of:

Giving you a vibrant appearance 

Maximising your eyebrows to become more accurately defined and magnificently shaped

Evening out your facial features

Gives definition to your features which you lose with age

Skin that always looks fantastic without makeup (particularly for women who are sensitive to creams and foundation).

Accuracy and balance in the application of your eyebrows.

Less time invested using makeup.


The therapists at have all been well trained and go through a regular assessment to guarantee that they adhere to the necessary safety standards and also keep up with the new trends.


What to Expect For Your West Yorkshire Eyebrow Treatment?

After a semi-permanent makeup treatment, you can anticipate a little swelling instantly following the treatment. This must not alarm you as some individuals do not even experience the swelling at all. The location may be bruised and feel heavy with the eyelashes or eyebrows clumping together.

As the swelling dissipates you may experience some itchiness and the location will sore. Use the home care cream to soothe the location.

The colour will appear dark and very strongly pigmented at the beginning, but with time, it will fade to a more stable colour. As you recover, the skin around the location will peel away. This can make a small amount of the colour to peel away with the skin so get a follow-up retouch simply in case this has actually occurred.

Always utilise a sunscreen with an SPF of over 30 to prevent the sun from fading your colour away too rapidly. In addition, stay away from any items with Alpha Hydroxyl Acids as they trigger your semi permanent make up to fade much faster.


The Results

Semi-permanent makeup looks flawless and just perfect at all times. You can go without makeup in areas like the health club, swimming pool, sauna, and health spa and still look magnificent. The very best feature of this treatment is that it is not obnoxious or loud particularly when tastefully done by an expert. You can even cover it up when you need to enjoy a different makeup appearance.


Microblading – Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Is Microblading the same as semi-Permanent eyebrow tattooing?

Yes. Microblading is the process of drawing by hand semi-permanent eyebrows over the natural eyebrow line. The result is very great natural looking hair strokes that provide natural looking thicker eyebrows.


Will hair still grow on the eyebrow after the microblading process?

Yes. The process does not interfere with the natural growth of eyebrow hair


Does application of semi-permanent make up hurt?

The process has a level of discomfort that is manageable for a lot of clients, including individuals with a low pain limit. However, the discomfort is experienced after the treatment since, throughout the treatment, a regional anaesthetic is applied to the treatment location. This assists to minimise the pain and if there is a spike throughout the treatment, simply ask the technician for more anaesthetic.


How long will the colour last?

The colour on the eyebrow tends to last for a minimum of 12 months, with the possibility of slightly longer depending on how you look after it. For semi-permanent makeup within the skin, it can last for years with lighter colours fading after 2 years, and more intense colour fading after 5 years. Semi-Permanent make up requires minimum sun exposure (always use sunscreen SPH 30+) and no application of Alpha Hydroxyl Acid items. These will trigger the colour to fade much faster


What method is utilised to implant the semi-permanent makeup?

The method utilises a particular tool which is fitted with very fine needles less than the size of a hair that create thin hair like marks on the skin. They are picked according to the method being utilised for the implantation and the skin type. When it comes to the method, it involves scratching the colour into the skin utilising the fine needles. The needles will only penetrate to a depth of 0.5-0.8 millimetres in the skin to impart the colour. The colour is bladed into the skin following the natural grain of the hair line direction.


Is semi-permanent make up safe?

The dyes utilised in semi-permanent make up are normally safe, hypoallergenic, and non-reactive to all the skin types. The colours disappear naturally and progressively over a number of years with no side effects.


Can there be any pre-existing conditions that will discourage the microblading process?

Yes. They consist of

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Frequency of moles, keloids, or birthmarks


Immune deficiency disorders and autoimmune disorders

Bleeding disorders

Current Botox or Disport treatment

Sunburn or a damaged capillary on the eyebrow location

Recent waxing

Recent chemical peel treatment

Use of blood thinning medication or retinoids

How long is the service?

Two hours long


What will take place throughout the process?

The eyebrow shape will be drawn to match your face size and shape. This will be followed by selecting the colour and application of the anaesthesia. The pigment is worked in during each stroke of the phibrow after which a pigment mask is placed to be absorbed into the skin. Lastly, the location is cleaned up and aftercare cream is used.

For effective results, keep away from any excessive sweat-inducing activity, laser or chemical peel treatment, alcohol, open-air cars, heavy work chores, touching the affected location, and showering with your face straight towards the shower head.

Both these pigments have no records of producing an allergy. They are non-toxic and offer a variety of colours to the professionals. In the non-organic colours, the metal material is listed far below what the FDA would flag as risky. Organic and non-organic pigments are regularly used in topical cosmetics. In semi-permanent makeup, the organic and non-organic colours are utilised together since the natural pigment is not very dependable when it concerns holding it’s colour, while non-organic pigment does not deliver heavy and intense colour when used.



The types of blades used depend on the results you are trying to achieve. There are 3 popular options that are used regularly in the industry.

White Flexi Blade: This is the most popular blade that features a plastic body and a variety of pins/blades to choose from. The 9P creates thin eyebrows, 11P creates medium eyebrows, 14P creates medium to thick eyebrows, and 17P creates ultra-thick eyebrows.

The U- Blade: This blade is used to draw curved hairs and is a favourite of advanced technicians. The blade is sharper than the flexi blade.

Hard Blade: This blade is made from a hard stainless body. It is used for thicker strokes and is referred to as a 3D Blade. The definition from this blade is fabulous.



There are a myriad of tools that help us to produce the best results for micro blading. The best blade is very important in attaining the best shape for your eyebrow and the best width.

Likewise, the technician needs to have a variety of needles and blades with which to work. The pigment is the soul of the semi-permanent makeup implantation process. Discovering the best one is the key to the best appearance.

The technician ought to constantly have gloves on and an apron, face masks, barrier film to prevent infection. A topical anaesthetic is needed prior to the treatment, a barrier cream to help safeguard the skin throughout healing and an aftercare cream for the recovery process.


Pre and Post Care Treatment


No exercise 24 hours prior to the treatment

No caffeinated drinks 24 hours prior to the treatment

No tanning or sun exposure one week prior to the treatment

No Asprin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Advil, or Ibuprofen 24 prior to treatment

No waxing, sun exposure, or tanning 3 days prior to treatment

No Chemical peels, dermabrasion, or laser treatment 2 weeks prior to treatment

No Retin-A or AHA items prior to and after the treatment

No Botox around the eyebrow for a minimum of 2 weeks


Post Care

Do not touch the affected location for a minimum of 24 hours after treatment

After the preliminary 24 hours keep the location clean using a gentle cleanser and water twice a day. Make sure your hands are constantly clean.

Prevent sun exposure or scenarios that expose you to excessive sweating

No makeup on the location for a minimum of 2 weeks

No facials, chemical treatments and micro dermabrasion for 4 weeks


The most crucial thing with microblading is to have a lot of patience prior to and after the treatment.


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