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Anna, a PhiBrows Accredited Artist, is the talent behind BrowMasterLondon.

She has been well trained and fully insured to provide the treatments.


With a fine eye for detail of a perfectionist, Anna always strives to bring an energetic and fresh look to the customers' faces by revitalising their eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliners and lips with the latest technology in the industry. Further than that, 10 years of experience working as an architect has given Anna an amazing capacity of defining the eyebrow shape and choosing the pigment colour which fit best your feature and skin tone.


Anna is more than happy to offer a free consultation session so that her potential customers can make a well-informed decision.

She can be reached by email at:

or by calling at +44 77 0809 2552


Anna provides the treatments at

L' Spa Nails, 155 Notting Hill Gate W11 3LF



1 hr 30 mins - £300

Ultra realistic 3D hair strokes applied by hand methodof tattooing to create the most natural effect fluffy brows (incl. complimentary touch-up within 8 weeks)


Ombre Powder Brows

1 hr 30 mins - £300

Soft shadowing effect eyebrow tattoo by digital method of tattooing to create a permanent tinted brow look (incl. complimentary touch-up within 8 weeks)


Combination Brows

2 hrs - £400

Best of both worlds, Microblading and Ombre combined for fluffy and powdered in look (incl. complimentary touch-up within 8 weeks).


Microblading Touch-up

1 hr - £150

Adding extra strokes to your microbladed eyebrows if you had microblading done before elsewhere and not happy with the outcome. The actual price starting from £140 is based on one hour work calculation.


Tattoo Removal

No-laser, no hair loss and no-scar tattoo removal technology

45 mins - £150

The most powerful and effective Tattoo Removal technology in the world to extract ink/pigment.

United Kingdom

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Monday, 27 August 2018
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