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Reflexology Massage London

Our professional mobile massage therapists bring you the benefits of a reflexology massage straight to your home in London. A reflexology massage is a type of massage where different amounts of pressure are applied to your feet, hands, and ears.

Reflexology is based on the idea that different zones of the body are connected to different organs.

Our massage therapists will use their expertise to tailor the reflexology massage treatment for you and your health needs.



A reflexology session to create balance and restore working functions in the body using reflex points in the feet (and sometimes hands and face).

From £70


Relaxing Massage

A soothing massage using Swedish techniques. Gentle strokes and relaxing oils relieve tired muscles.

From £70


Energising Massage

Feel refreshed with this uplifting massage designed to improve circulation and give you a much needed boost. Supercharge yourself ahead of a busy period or feel renewed after a hectic week.

From £70


Organic Massage

A massage using organic oil and Swedish techniques - relaxing long strokes to ease muscle aches and pains.

From £70


Pain Relieving Massage

Soothe muscle pain and promote healing with controlled massage therapy. This treatment uses a targeted approach to relieve tension and aid recovery.

From £70


Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate the body's lymphatic system. Benefits include reducing water retention, promoting healing, boosting the immune system and detoxification.

From £70


NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Massage

A full body massage, designed to prepare your body and mind to roll straight into bed for a deep night's sleep.

From £72


De-stress Massage

Unwind at home with this soothing massage designed to melt away any stress and calm the body and mind. Using gentle strokes to clear the mind and targeting points of tension on the body.

From £70


Deep Tissue Massage

A full body massage with firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deep layers of muscle and tissue and relieve aches and pains.

From £70


Pregnancy Massage

A gentle massage to reduce stress, address any particular areas of tension or pain and thoroughly relax any mothers-to-be.

From £70


Sports Massage

Massage therapy to benefit those affected by intense physical activity. Used to treat injuries, enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

From £70


NEOM De-stress Massage

A thoroughly immersive massage, which combines relaxing scents and specialist massage techniques on key stress relieving points, including head, face, neck and back.

From £72


Expert reflexology massage therapists

All of our massage therapists have been hand-picked for their talent and expertise. This ensures we can provide the highest quality reflexology massage for our clients, combining the comfort of your own home with the results of a professional massage.


Is a reflexology massage the wake-up call your body needs?

While many of us think of it as a form of foot manipulation, what exactly is a reflexology massage and what does the treatment actually do?

Whether you’re wondering about how this form of therapy differs from a Thai foot massage, or interested in the different types of reflexology massage, this guide is for you. To find out all the benefits you can expect, read on to learn everything you should know about this ancient technique with its roots in Chinese medicine.

Discover whether a reflexology massage could be suitable for you, as well as how and why this respected type of therapy is used to relieve pain and stress while restoring the body’s natural balance.


What is a reflexology massage?

Reflexology massages differ in several ways from other types of massage manipulation. For a start, it focuses mainly on the feet, although sometimes the hands and ears are also involved. Those who practise this type of therapy are also known as reflexologists, distinguishing them somewhat from other types of massage therapist.

Reflexology massage techniques focus on applying pressure to specific areas of the body. These are thought to be connected to various parts of the body, such as the muscles, joints, spine and organs. No oil or lotion is normally used by a reflexologist.

There are several theories as to why reflexology can have a positive effect on the body. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the technique can restore the natural flow of energy (or ‘chi’) through the body, restoring balance and reducing stress.

Other theories centre on the fact that the body is divided into vertical zones that are connected to certain points on the feet and hands. Scientists have also proven that internal organs are connected to the skin by nerves, while some believe that the technique’s success may be down to the healing power of touch.


Ok, so what is the difference between a Thai foot massage and reflexology?

A common query that crops up, questions the difference between Thai foot massage and reflexology. Thai foot massage is more like a traditional massage.

In Thai foot massage, oil is combined with firm, fluid strokes to ease tension and relax the feet. The aim is to soothe this area of the body, rather than corresponding with specific areas  of the body via pressure points found on the feet, hands, face or ears.


Reflexology massage types and techniques

During a typical reflexology massage, reflex points on the foot are subjected to gentle pressure. Each of these points is said to be connected to a specific part of the body, including internal organs. The aim of the therapy is to reduce stress while alleviating minor ailments.

Your experienced therapist may pull on the toes, push into the arch of the foot, massage the heel area or manipulate the ball of the foot. This is designed to give you the ‘feel-good’ factor, but also aims to go much deeper than that. It can release tension felt all around the body, from the soles of the feet to the top of the head.

Reflexology techniques may also be carried out on the hands or face, in addition to the feet.


Reflexology massage benefits

Many people who have experienced a reflexology massage report an overall sense of well-being following treatment. It’s commonly accepted that reflexology can reduce pain and stress while improving the mood of the person receiving the massage.

Other reputed reflexology massage therapy benefits are wide-ranging. Patients have credited the technique with boosting their immunity, improving digestion, easing spinal pain and arthritis or recovering from colds and infections.

Additional reflexology massage benefits reported by some include restoring hormonal balance, boosting fertility, clearing up sinus problems and even fighting cancer. In the case of the latter, the peripheral neuropathy caused by some cancer treatments may be reduced by reflexology.

Other improvements include general body functions such as blood circulation, brain power, metabolism, nerve function and the elimination of toxins.

Some say that everyday aches and pains such as arthritis, headaches, back pain or the symptoms of menstruation or pregnancy are alleviated somewhat after a reflexology session.

Medical experts claim that the way the nerves are stimulated during reflexology can prompt the body into healing itself. This is because the treatment stimulates circulation, while sending a clear message to the central nervous system that acts like something of a wake-up call.


Are there any side effects to reflexology?

Recurring side effects of reflexology massage include tenderness in the feet as well as mild lightheadedness. Some also report feeling a heightened state of emotion following treatment.

Reflexology side effects are few, and tend to be short-lived. Overall it is a safe technique and suitable for most people. For some, however, it’s advisable to consult a doctor before embarking on a course of treatment.

This is particularly the case for patients who have foot problems such as athlete’s foot or infections, circulatory issues, ulcers or open wounds. Anyone who has inflamed leg veins or blood clots should also proceed only on a doctor’s advice.

Other contraindications include gout, epilepsy, thyroid issues and any blood problem that makes you more prone to bleeding or bruising, such as a low platelet count.


Can you get a reflexology massage while pregnant?

In general the answer is yes, though it’s imperative to let your therapist know so they can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s safe to treat you.

For this reason, reflexology has been used by some in an attempt to induce labour. If you want to try this you should proceed only with a doctor’s approval.


Keeping that post-massage feeling – top tips for massage aftercare

That pure sublime post-massage bliss is a feeling that you want to bask in for as long as possible. Here we share our best massage aftercare advice – from why you need to drink water after your massage to how to relieve pain. Armed with these tips, you’ll be able to maximise that post-massage feeling for the ultimate feel-good factor.


Massage aftercare advice

1. Water is your post-massage best friend

If we had to choose just one piece of massage aftercare advice, it would be this: drink plenty of water. Why drink water after a massage? Well there are a bundle of reasons.

During a massage, built-up toxins are released. That’s great, but they need to be expelled from your body. Your kidneys do the brilliant job of eliminating toxins from your system and they need water to work and push these free radicals out.

If you’re feeling lingering soreness after a deep tissue massage, water is also the primary solution. Simply drinking some extra water can help to shift soreness.

Massages can also be quite dehydrating. They usually take place in a nice warm environment and your massage therapist is actively encouraging your soft tissues to expel water. So the best thing to do after a massage is to have a lovely long drink of water to get your hydration back up.


2. Stay relaxed

One of the best ways to capitalise on the post-massage wonderful feeling is to actively choose to stay relaxed. Don’t rush back out into normal life. Instead, have your massage at home where you can stumble into bed or to the couch for a little while.

We also really recommend relaxing the mind as well as the body. Put on some peaceful music, meditate, or simply read a good book. Another simple trick is some basic deep breathing. You’ll feel centred and calm.


3. Avoid alcohol or caffeine

We promise that abstaining from caffeine or alcohol for at least 12 hours or so after a massage will make you feel fab. Both are dehydrating and won’t help your body eliminate the toxins that are on the move thanks to the massage.


4. Take it easy

We’re also giving you permission to skip that run or trip to the gym in the next 12 hours. Strenuous activity is best avoided for 12-24 hours after a massage as it will help ensure you benefit from relaxed muscles and overcome any lingering soreness. Getting back to high impact activity straight after a massage will simply halt the good post-massage feeling you’re trying to hold onto.


5. But don’t stay too still

However, whilst we recommend some relaxation and avoiding strenuous activity, don’t stay completely still either. If you’re back at a desk or screen, make sure you get up and move about occasionally. In the few hours after a massage, do some gentle stretches. This is one of the top tips we give people for how to relieve pain after massage. Move around, or go for a gentle walk. Hold stretches for around 30 seconds each to ensure they are most effective.


6. Book another massage!

Mentally you’ll hold onto that post-massage feeling longer if you know you’ve got your next massage already booked in. You can look forward to knowing that it won’t be long until you are in blissful massage heaven again.

So, book in your next at-home massage.


7. Listen to your massage therapist

There are lots of different types of massage. At Secret Spa we offer massages ranging from vigorous deep tissue massage to utterly calming hot stone massage. Or maybe you’ll choose a sports massage or a pregnancy massage. Whichever type of massage you choose, your professional massage therapist will give you tailored post-massage aftercare advice.


8. Correct your posture

A massage can really help to loosen muscles, enabling you to avoid the niggling pain of poor posture. However, if immediately after a massage you simply go back to your old poor posture habits then the same issue will build up again. Use the post-massage hours to keep your posture in check so that muscles relax into place with ease. Mentally scan your body. If you can feel a tense muscle then consciously relax it. If that’s tricky to do, tense the muscle more first and this will help you to actively relax it.


9. Don’t overeat

Many of us associate the treat of a massage with the treat of something yummy but naughty. However, overindulging can swiftly eliminate the good feeling from your massage. Instead, eat lightly and nutritiously. Your knowledge that you are treating your body in the right way, without processed sugars or carb heavy meals, will add to your sense of wellness.


10. How to relieve pain after massage

If you’ve had an intense deep tissue massage, or your therapist was working hard on a particular tense spot, you may be experiencing some discomfort. Pain after a massage isn’t a bad thing per se. Headaches, soreness and sluggishness are all normal after-effects of a good massage, particularly a deep tissue one. They can be signs that muscle tenseness has been released and toxins are making their way out of your system. But it’s important to know how to relieve pain after a massage so that you can get back to basking in your post-massage glow.

All of the tips above will help. However, in addition, don’t push yourself. You can use an ice pack or soothe sore muscles in the bath. If it’s a headache that’s plaguing you then drink plenty of water.

Some residual soreness, mild headache, increased urination and thirstiness are all normal. But if you are worried then you should get in touch with your massage therapist, or speak to a doctor. Feeling re-balanced will come soon.


Blissful massages

We know how much you want to hold onto that fabulous feeling after a massage and with the above tips, you should be able to.

Ready to book your next massage and get that feeling for yourself?

Book your at-home massage today:

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