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LIVERPOOL'S healing touch

My name is Irina, I am a ITEC qualified massage therapist with over 11 years experience.

I believe massage comes from the soul and is felt like an electric sensation through the body as clients have testified to.

As the world challenges us to become a greater and better version of ourselves on all levels, I consider it an honour to be able to contribute with my love, care and empathy. The power of my will and my skills in delivering a healing massage to each of my customers is in assisting them to transform their lives on many levels.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With gratitude, Irina

+44 7367 339027


Deep tissue massage £50/h

Deep tissue massage is a great treatment as the superficial muscle tissues are kneaded to promote stress relief, relieve pain and tension and induce relaxation.

Then more focused massage techniques are used to relieve chronic muscle tension through deeper more direct pressure or friction applied across the fibres of the muscle not, along the fibres. This helps break up scar tissue, loosen muscle tissue, release any build up of toxins and improve circulation.


Energy massage treatment 45£/h

This is one of the techniques that get attention lately as we get to understand we are more than a body and start feeling that Energy is really moving in us.


Crystals Massage 45£/h

Crystal Massage - massaging with crystals - combines the relaxing benefits of massage with the healing vibrations of crystals that relax and balance the whole body.

Crystal massage is a popular form of relaxation dating back thousands of years. The Body Crystals are tools used to deliver deep relaxation, helping with detoxification, melting tension and reducing pain.


Full body relaxing massage 45£/h

Every day your body is subjected to various types of wear and tear. These can range from heavy work, to poor posture, to stress – all of these things can cause harm to your body. Like exercise, a massage does more for you if you engage in it regularly. Even a monthly treatment can help you maintain your body’s general health! Massages can help you lead a happier and healthier life.


Foot massage/reflexology 25£/30min

Reflexology may be beneficial in restoring balance and harmony in the body and releasing tension. Practitioners believe that it helps facilitate a deep state of relaxation, calm the emotions, and produce a serene mind.


Swedish massage 45£/hour

Swedish massage use techniques like tapotement, petrissage, effleurage and frictions to realign the body, deeply release the muscles and promote blood flow to areas of tension, increase relaxation, improve sleep and support the body's natural healing processes.


Spiritual TAO full body massage £75/hour

Tao massage – Yin and Yang as One It induces a sensual relaxation which soothes and calms the body via the psyche. Yin and yang also act as polar and interdependent energies within the human body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, body regions, states of mind, feelings and the internal organs are differentiated in terms of yin and yang patterns. A person is considered healthy when all yin and yang forces are perfectly balanced and there are neither energy surpluses nor deficiencies.

Tao massage seeks to dissolve emotional blockages and thus resolve and prevent physical ailments. Seen in this way, Tao-massage is a form of meditation that aims to induce a state of mental calmness. The task of the masseur/se is to bring about the relaxing effects. The movements are soft and wavy, and just as yin and yang alternate with each other, stillness and relaxation alternate with stimulation and arousal in Tao massage.

+44 7367 339027

United Kingdom

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