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The Finest Mobile Massage London Has To Offer


Our mobile massage therapists are highly skilled, not to mention qualified, insured, and above all passionate about what they do. We offer a wide range of luxurious massages in your home, from deep tissue to relaxing massage. Our smiling, friendly and talented massage therapists’ amazing hands will make you feel like a different person. This is quite simply the finest and most reliable Mobile Massage London has available.

What’s more, our simple and easy-to-use online booking system allows you to view our mobile masseuses and their availability live, in real-time. You can choose and book your favourite mobile massage therapist within a matter of seconds with just a few clicks. Your therapist will then confirm receipt of your booking immediately. It’s incredibly simple, no need to move a muscle, just sit back, relax and we will come to you. Massage at home was never so easy to book!

Our visiting masseuse’s are very, very passionate about their work. Your booking begins the second you feel the touch of your mobile massage therapist on your skin, not when she enters your home or hotel room. Unlike many agencies, our therapists do not watch the clock during your massage, they are only focused on giving you the best mobile massage possible! It’s no surprise then that we have so many returning customers and such great reviews.

If it’s a London office massage service you’re after instead, with professional office massage chairs included, click the link in the text and you’ll be sure to find what you need!


Our most popular massage is our relaxation treatment. Of all the benefits massage has to offer, floating off into bliss and being in a state of total relaxation is perhaps the most appealing of all. Our relaxation massage can also increase oxygen flow and help to release toxins from your muscles. This is an oil based full body massage, using gentle strokes from head to toe, leaving you feeling both invigorated and relaxed. Each therapist applies their own unique, individual touch to this massage and your therapist will of course be happy to tailor your treatment to suit your particular own tastes and preferences. Not to be missed!


This is an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list, it’s truly sensational. The description is self evident, two of our mobile massage therapists will arrive to your home or hotel room and massage you simultaneously. It feels absolutely amazing as both therapists hands glide across your body, massaging away those knots and aches! To book, you will need to make two separate bookings on our booking platform, or, just call us and give us your details and we’ll book your massage for you. All of our therapists are well trained and qualified and can perform an excellent 4 hands massage with any of our other therapists.


Swedish massage is the foundation for other types of Western massage, including deep tissue massage and even aromatherapy massage. It is based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, as opposed to energy work on “meridiens” or sen lines seen in Asian massage systems. Some people get a 60 minute Swedish massage, but 120 or 90 minutes gives the therapist more time to work the muscle tissue and achieve the best results. A Swedish massage can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending on your preference as well as the therapist’s personal style and what she is trying to achieve.


This highly popular deeper massage uses techniques applied to all muscle groups to help ease intense pain as well as knead out any knots that may be causing you discomfort. The aim of this massage is also primarily relaxation, however firmer pressure is applied. You will feel calm and rejuvenated after our excellent deep tissue massage! This massage focuses on different layers of your muscle and tendon tissue and helps to loosen you up and relieve any strain you may be feeling caused by knots and pulls in your muscles.


Receiving a massage together in the same room allows two people to completely relax and release personal or mutual stresses. Couples massages are geared towards romantic partners, dim lighting, candles or a fireplace may accentuate the atmosphere. During a couples massage, one massage therapist is assigned to each individual so that massages can be provided simultaneously. To book the massage you’ll have to book 2 separate treatments on our booking platform, or else just call us and we’ll do it for you!


Believed to have originated in the Hawaiian Islands Lomi Lomi massage is a form of full body massage that is unlike any other massage modality.  As a client receiving a Lomi Lomi massage the main difference you will notice is that the massage is performed on your entire body at once.  Unlike most other massages where the therapist uncovers and treats one body region at a time, in a Lomi Lomi massage the therapist will use long flowing strokes that go from head to toe in a continuous, rhythmic movement massaging both the top and the underside of your body.


London Massage Delivered

£50 - for 60 mins

£70 - for 90 mins

£90 - for 120 mins

*Additional travel supplement fee may apply for some less central areas outside zone 3*


201 E1 Studios, 7 Whitechape

Road, London E1 1DU


United Kingdom

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