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Online GCSE Maths Tuition
Grade 7 or Higher
Money Back Guarantee

Mathinar provide Online Maths Tuition for students around the country.

We have taught online since 2011 and have provided tuition lessons since 2004.

Over the last 16 years we have taught over 3000 students.

We specialise in Grade 7-9 at GCSE Maths and Grade A/A* at A-Level Maths.


Who are the lessons for?

We provide lessons for students in Year 7 through to Year 13 and we specialise in Higher GCSE Maths and A-Level Maths.

Our GCSE lessons are aimed at students who are aiming for a Grade 7 or above at the end of their GCSEs.


Who will I be taught by?

You will be taught by our lead tutor who is a GCSE and A-Level Maths Examiner with over 15 years as an examiner and 18 years of teaching experience as a teacher and maths tutor. He specialises in helping GCSE students get a minimum of a Grade 7 at GCSE and a minimum of a Grade A at A-Level.


How does it work?

GCSE Maths Course

We have developed a 50 hour GCSE course, where we teach the whole GCSE course (what students learn over two years) in 50 one hour lessons. Students get two hours per week during term time of live and interactive lessons. These live interactive lessons are recorded so students can access these for revision when they need to.

Students are set homework after each lesson which reinforces the topic taught in the lesson. Students need to complete the homework each week and record their scores so we can track their progress and identify any areas of weakness.


A-Level Maths Course

We have developed a 90 hour A-Level Maths course (45 hours for Year 12 and 45 hours for Year 13).

This course is aimed at students looking to achieve a Grade A or A* by the end of Year 13.

Each year of the course is divided into 30 lessons, each ninety minutes in duration totalling 45 hours. All the live lessons are recorded afterwards so students can access then for revision.

Students are set homework each week to reinforce their learning and asked to submit their scores to us so we can track their progress and identify their weak areas.


Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 Courses

The courses for Y7, Y8, Y9 are each 24 one hour lessons which cover all the topics taught that year in school. Once the course is complete we begin a revision process to prepare students for their end of year tests.

Students are set homework each week and are asked to submit their scores to allow us to track their progress.


Do you offer a Guarantee?

We offer a Guaranteed Grade for GCSE whereby if a student has followed our course and not achieved the minimum of a Grade 7 after completing our course, they will get a refund of all their fees.

What do you get when you join the GCSE Course?


Our GCSE Course is call GCSE Unlimited and includes the following

- Two Live and Interactive (60 minute) lessons per week during term time (Value £120 per month)

- Access to our slides and resources before the lesson (Value £80 per month)

- Access to the recordings of the slides after the lessons (Value £80 per month)

- Two Question and Answer sessions per week where you can ask for additional help on anything you need it on (Value £60 per month)

- Individual Homework Analysis on your weak areas (Value Priceless)

Total Value of the above £340 per month


Normal Price for GCSE Unlimited discounted to £100 per month from £340 per month

We are offering the GCSE Unlimited package for a free 10 day trial and then if you wish to continue afterwards just £60 per month. Click the link below to find out more.

10 Day FREE Trial and then £60 per month.


Contact Mathinar: 01162162255

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