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- Mounting shelves

- Mounting holes

- Hang a picture

- Installation of locks

- Installation of mirrors

- Install blinds

- Installation of curtains

- Install baseboards

- Replacement door lock

- Installation of door closers

- All kinds of work around the house

- Installation cooktops

- The installation of the oven

- Connect appliance


- Disassembling of furniture

- Build hallways

- Build closet

- Assembly of upholstered furniture

- Assembling office furniture

- Assembly kitchen units

- Build a computer Desk

- Build cabinets, build cabinets, chest, beds

- Modular furniture Assembly and Assembly of furniture


- Hot-key

- Repair bath turnkey


- Refrigerator repair

- Repair of household appliances

- Installation of household appliances

- Water heater installation

- Dismantling of household appliances

- Washing machine repair

- Connect the washing machine

- Connect the dishwasher

- Installation of LCD, plasma TV on the wall


- Installation drawing

- Plumbing services

- Calling a plumber in any area

- Installation of baths

- Installation of toilets

- Installation of meters

- Installation of sinks

- Installation of shower cabins

Connection of radiators

- Replacement radiators

- Replacing pipes and water supply pipes, sewage

- Installation of heating


- Call an electrician replace the meter

- Installation and Assembly of machines

- Installation of sockets

- Replacing switches

- Install sconces, chandeliers

- Installation of the RCD, in the presence of the earth.

- Installation of lighting panels, fixtures of any type.

- Connection of appliances.

- Partial or complete replacement of wiring in apartments, new buildings.

- Shtroblenie walls under the wiring

- The wiring in country houses, apartments, offices

- Build shield lighting

- Search for hidden wiring

- Repair and Troubleshooting in electrical

- Prepare electricians for the kitchen on your project


-We work without intermediaries and without days off!


United Kingdom

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015
4 years 9 months ago
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