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For a safe and energy efficient environment, and to reduce your gas bill, take advice from us at Centrona Gas, experienced gas fitters London. Firstly your gas boilers, water heaters or gas fires will be assessed thoroughly. Any fixes or replacements for your appliances, or any other alterations required by our gas fitters London team will bring your boilers, heaters, cookers or pipework to an optimal, fuel efficient state. A well-functioning boiler for your property adds value for rentals and can contribute to a much quicker sale.


Appliances we service


Gas cookers

Gas hobs

Water heaters

Warm air units

Gas fires


Expanded - An Annual Service differs from an Inspection Service not only by it's contents but more importantly the objective.

Our Annual Service focuses on assessing and improving your boiler or gas appliance's performance output, mechanical operation and safety devices as it performs its everyday tasks.

Each check is carried out in accordance with the current gas regulation and the manufacturers technical literature. Getting your boiler serviced during the summer allows us to identify issues before they become a problem. Simply replacing a worn-out diaphragm can save you the cost and panic of a boiler repair during the winter.


Don't wait until the horse has bolted before servicing your boiler...

Although an Annual Service will not guarantee the consistent and stable operation of your boiler or gas appliance, it will help reduce the risk of your boiler or gas appliance breaking down during the winter season.


Annual Service Checklist:

Initial performance check

Electrical checks (earth continuity, resistance to earth, short circuit and polarity)

CO measurement 1st test

Burner pressure or gas rate

Flame supervision device check

Hot water temperature and flow rate check (combi systems)

Central heating flow and return temperature report

Domestic heat exchanger inspection and clean (if required)

Combustion chamber integrity and internal inspection

Pilot injector cleaned

Main heat exchanger external cleaning

Fan venture cleaning

Fan lubricated

Combustion chamber seals replaced (if applicable or if required)

Condensing heat exchanger gaskets replaced

Diaphragms replaced (if applicable or if required)

Service kit installation where applicable

Expansion vessel check (combi boilers or sealed systems)

System pressure adjustment (combi boilers or sealed systems)

CO measurement 2nd test

Radiators checked

Installation standards and regulations report

Best advice and report




Bookings : +44 (0) 208 181 8950 - 08:00 am to 6:00 pm Mon to Fri



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