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Nurses and Babysitters
03 August 2014

Many families that have a child are in need of qualified nanny services. But before I tell you about what shall be a good nanny, and where to find her, I would like to ask such a question: do you really need an assistant? Really, in contemporary society there are many situations when parents hired a nanny, but they are hesitating to leave their beloved child with a little-known person whom they still known very poorly. At the given moment, mom and dad turn out to be not yet ready for such changes. Be sure to take this moment into account so as not to fall into an awkward position, when you have called a nanny already and agreed about everything, but you can not entrust your child to her care.

If you are fully confident that your child need a nanny, then pay attention to the following our recommendations that will render invaluable assistance in finding a nanny: Make a list of qualities which, in your opinion, shall have a nanny. It is better to look for a nanny with teacher's education. Your child will regularly communicate with her, and it means that your child will imitate her speech, because children absorb everything like sponges, therefore it is very important that the speech of "the second mother" was literate. Pay attention to the availability of medical history sheet. The nanny shall not have any disease which your child may be infected by her.

But where to look for "my wonderful nanny?" Parents are often looking for a nanny in their surroundings by means of their acquaintances. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that if you take your girlfriend as "Mary Poppins", you will certainly know what kind of person is spending time with your child, and you will have no doubt about her decency. But there is a disadvantage in this decision. If you will not like the way she does her job, then it will be not so easy to say it to her face. The girlfriend may be offended after these words (even if the criticism is quite justified, because there are different people), and your friendly relations will be on the verge of break-up.

You can go the other way by using the services of specialized agencies that deal with domestic staff selection. This is a durable solution and one of the most correct, because anybody can not be registered in the database of such agencies. This database only consists of professional people. For the greatest assurance that a professional nanny will be selected, you should make a request to popular companies with a good reputation and lots of favorable reviews. These companies certainly carry out strict "filtering" and weed out all the doubtful candidates.

You should not forget about the huge opportunities of the Internet. In the vast expanses of the World Wide Web you can stumble upon a bunch of ads about nannies. However, no one here will give you a guarantee that you will meet a qualified and honest worker in contrast to agencies. You yourself will have to check the candidate on all those parameters and criteria that are important to you. After that, you may make a decision to hire that nanny or it is better to hire another person. In addition to the Internet, you can search ads in newspapers and on municipal notice boards.

After deciding to hire a particular worker, pay attention to the following points. Nanny shall not dress provocatively. She shall look accurate and well-groomed. As a rule, good nanny during conversation with her employer ask about the child's interests, character, learn about some child's things to take them into account when communicating with the kid. Nanny shall speak clearly, distinctly, correctly, and be able to logically explain her thoughts.

See how your kid will react to the nanny at the first meeting. Of course, it is far from the fact that the child will immediately like a complete stranger. However, if the kid will feel uncomfortable with the nanny in the future, it is better to find another worker.

You should carry out an interview with the candidate for the "position" of your child's nanny, which shall include the most vital questions for you. You should ask the woman about her education, how she will behave in certain unusual situations (for example, if the child feels hot, how the nanny will bring down the temperature). Moreover, you should find out whether the nanny has bad habits, abuses alcohol, what is her attitude to smoking.

Financial matter of the "medal" also plays a big role for moms and dads. Parents often think that those who ask for their work not too much are low-skilled nannies whose work leaves much to be desired. But this opinion is mistaken, because now a lot of people work part-time in such a way. Because of the high competition in the pursuit of customers, many people deliberately underprice their services. Therefore, despite the uncertainty of our fellow citizens that good professionals can be found for quite reasonable money, however, it is possible. You shall discuss the cost of services at the first meeting, immediately before the nanny will proceed to the performance of her duties. This will help avoid conflict situations in the future.


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