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Nurses and Babysitters
28 September 2016

Duties of a Live in or Live out Nanny housekeepers

A nanny housekeeper is required when duties involve the household and not just the children.


This position can either be on a ‘live-in’ basis or daily. The duties of a nanny housekeeper are wide ranging, depending on the needs of the family, but in general they involve:

General household cleaning and tidying

Laundry and ironing

Cooking/help in the kitchen


Driving (school run, supermarket)

Errand running (post office, dry cleaning)

Food shopping


Additional duties may involve guardianship of household keys when the employer is absent, dog walking/pet feeding, proxy parenting. At Private Staff we have sourced housekeepers and nanny housekeepers for busy professional households throughout the UK and the rest of the world. We continually source from around the world and go through our vetting process in order satisfy our clients.


We can help you find either temporary, permanent or part time housekeepers.

Nanny PA – Bringing value to your household

At Private Staff we work hard to find the best childcare solutions for our international clients.

A nanny PA is ideal for families with school-age children, to provide excellent homework support and educational guidance, who can guide and mentor children, and provide them with a caring and nurturing home environment while the parents are at work.

A nanny PA will also combine her childcare duties with managing a busy household, just as a professional personal assistant would do.

While the children are at school, the nanny PA can assist with planning and booking holiday itineraries, managing household accounts, organising daily family needs like dropping off the dry-cleaning, taking pets to the vet, arranging household grocery orders/purchases and organising household repairs. Some parents are self-employed, or run small businesses from home, and involve their nanny PA in admin or basic bookkeeping duties. Nanny PAs are professional and hard working individuals who can identify needs within the household and will incorporate these needs within their daily duties. When the children are home, their attention and focus will be entirely on the children, supervising homework and school projects, taking them to activities, classes and play dates, and preparing meals and snacks.


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