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Pet Care
08 September 2014

Members of our exchange offer veterinary aid at any time. In order to call a vet to your house you need to make just one call. The veterinarian provides pet first aid, taking all necessary measures for animal recovery.

Moreover, others specialists, such as herpetologist, ornithologist, veterinarians who are specialized in medical treatment of rodents, give us their job announcement.

Medical assistance offered by our staff is suitable even for exotic pets. Treatment in our clinic can solve all problems regarding vaccinations, dental problems and other procedures.

The house vet- from diagnosis to treatment
The house vet can examine your pet immediately at your home. Modern technology diagnostics can be used in case of emergency. Specialists also use portable ultrasound system and EKG machines. The vet can also survey pet's organs for pathology and foreign bodies. If the pet is infected, necessary tests will be taken. All studies are held in the laboratory. You can get test results on your own or by the telephone.

Veterinary aid at any time

Twenty-four-hour medical aid is very important thing for animal care. Our specialists can also prepare your pet for events and promotions. Competent and qualified specialists can help with pet cut and teeth, ears, anal gland cleaning and other procedures  in friendly environment for your pet. All cosmetic products are completely harmless. Special instruments for such procedures as trimming claws and pet cut are also available. It helps carry all procedures quick, without pain and risk.

Call veterinary
If you don’t vaccinate your pet, it can be attacked by viruses and dangerous infection in veterinary clinics. Therefore, the probability of infection should be excluded by house veterinary.
Pet vaccination will be held without any problem if your pet avoids contact with sick animals of other owners. After the end of this procedure specialist fills specified journal and veterinary documents with the necessary information such us name of drug, registration number and exact date.
After vaccination the pet's defense mechanism can become particularly vulnerable. Therefore, pet bathing and walking are also undesirable during this period. Decrease of pet’s body temperature is unacceptable.





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