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04 October 2016

As distinct from washing machines and refrigerators, not every family has a dishwasher. However most of people realize that this appliance is very convenient particularly in big families.

So there are some problems with your equipment, if:

Washing process fails to start, in other words, dishwasher doesn’t perform its basic functions;

Water is not warmed up. Probably temperature detector is broken;

Dishwasher housing electrocutes;

Dishwasher doesn’t “take” the detergent;

The equipment leaks;

One of the cycles is not performed, for example, drying;

The dishwasher produces strange sounds or makes noises.

The recommendations are the same as with a washing machine: switch it off, disconnect from the electricity, leave it for a while and then try to switch on. If it doesn’t help, you should call in the competent serviceman.

Usually repair of household appliances in London is quickly performed: the serviceman comes this very day. You should understand that there are some cases when professional can’t solve this problem in the space of one day, sometimes he must take away to the workshop. The best thing you can do is to describe fouling of your dishwasher.


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