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04 October 2016

Surely there are different comforts of home in your house, which make your life easier and more comfortable - refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, dishwasher, oven, etc. We’re getting spoiled so much by these delights of civilizationthat breakage, which happens at the most inopportune moment, is felt like a doomsday. However, if we ignore the panic and think everything over, we will understand that these problems can be easily solved.
There are two decisions, if your household appliances are out of service:
You can throw it away and buy a new one. For example, if your refrigerator which was bought 25 years ago is broken, then it will be very difficult to find spare parts for it and to repair it. In addition, sometimes it’s not profitable to repair the household appliances;
You can invite a serviceman. In big citiesthere is a fierce competition and fight for customers, due to this a serviceman will arrive to your house within one-two hours.
Many people are very picky about various companies, and we should admit, there are some reasons. Unfortunately, many unfair companies are trying to make money out of the fact that many people are not familiar with recovery of domestic appliances and ready to pay a lot of money to repair these things. That is why the following question is on the front burner.
How can we find good serviceman at reasonable cost?

There are some simple tips how to avoid such consumer services, which trick out on your money. First of all you can find reviews about the company in the Internet. You shouldn’t pay attention to the reviews written in a literary language because it may be written by the company. Usually, people who write such reviews do not think about their mistakes. It’s very difficult to find negative reviews on the web-site of the company, because usually there is an employee who deletes such reviews. You should try to find information on the other sites and message boards. 

Sometimes reading reviews you can understand that the company has its own scheme: during a telephone talk a serviceman inform you about the price, but after they perform diagnosis the price is much higher. Itturnsoutthatinsteadofoneparttheyshouldchangeahalfofdevice. Also you should pay for a delivery of the parts, complexity of work, etc. Of course sometimes there are complicated cases. But sometimes a company wants to get as much money as possible. For this reason you should ask the serviceman following questions: how much does it cost to perform diagnosis, how much does delivery cost, how much should you pay for the delivery of domestic appliances to the service and back home.

But you should understand that there are such cases when the recovery of domestic appliance is really expensive. But the serviceman should explain it to you and you should decide whether you want to repair it or buy a new appliance.


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