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01 June 2016

As we know, clean is guarantee of health. Full-scale cleaning should be performed at least twice a year. When your house is clean, there’s no dust on your furniture and your floors are also clean, air in your home becomes fresher.

Efficient cleaning with the use of household chemicals

If you don’t want to lose your time cleaning your house, professional cleaning of your house is all you need! Employing ours’ services, you will be satisfied not only with quality of our services but also with speed of execution. Our professionals use effective washing and cleaning products, which can cope with all kind of impurities, and modern household appliances.

Our services include:

Cleaning surfaces of cupboards, bureaus and heating radiators;
moist mopping of floors, bathroom fitment and bathrooms;
Pollutant removal from the carpets;
Doing windows, washing doors, mirrors and windowsills;
Washing hand-rails and banisters.
You can invite the professional cleaner from our company by the phonenoted on our site. If you are satisfied with our cleaner’s work, you can arrange with him/her about rate of frequency of cleanings and be sure that your house is clean whenever you need.


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