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Health and Beauty
01 December 2015

How to be beautified?

Do you need sunbathing or not?

Tanning salon: is it benefit or harm for you?


Tanish skin forms an association not only with wealth, but also with health. And there is a reason! Sun’s energy of tan is good for health. Your body needs natural or imitation ultraviolet light. It helps to develop vitamin D, building up bones and teeth. Also vitamin D is rickets prevention for children. Children, who live in big cities and spend not too much time outside, are sick more often than those children who spend a lot of time in the sunshine.


Ultraviolet light fortifies the immune system, inhibits growth of cancer cells, fights against endocrine diseases, help to neutralize depression and stresses. Also ultra-violet rays fight against skin diseases such as: acneiform rash, psoriasis, seborrhea, and neurodermatitis. Sun tanning bed is the best way for tanning if you are embarrassed of your body but you want to brown.


Many years ago people could take a tan only sitting in the sunshine. But in the end of 1940th people began to produce infrared lamps. In 1976 first sun tanning bed appeared.


Nowadays, sun tanning bed is indispensible attribute of every hairdressing saloon. But of course it doesn’t mean that you have to spend there all free time. Tanning salon has both good and harm. You have to approach to the matter wisely. Overtreatment of ultra-violet rays depress the immune system, it means that because of excess of ultra-violet rays you can easily catch a cold and it can be very difficult to recover.


That’s why it’s better to visit tanning salon rarely but regularly, for example, two times per month. First visit can last for 5 minutes, following visits can last from 10 to 20 minutes, but if you have white delicate skin it’s better to spend only 5 minutes in tanning salon. Allowable operating time of lamps in solarium is 540 hours, that’s why you should ask the administrator how long these lamps were operating. Besides, the lamps must not twinkle, when turning on.


Sun tanning bed has also counterindications. If you are pregnant, you have to forget about visiting tanning salon till the child’s birth, but then you can take your child along, but your visit should not last longer than 10 minutes.


Types of sun tanning beds


There are different types of sun tanning beds to fit every taste. If you want to relax and to have nice golden tan, you should choose tanning bed. If you want to save your time, you should visit vertical turbo tanning bed. First, it’s more powerful, you can take a tan, visiting it only 3 times, secondly, it’s more hygienic, thirdly, you can take uniform tanning without bright lines of skin creases.


Moreover, now you can also find so-called “zonal” tanning beds. For example, if you want only your face or your legs to get a suntan, now it’s possible.


Do you need to consult a doctor before visiting tanning salon?


Yes, you need to do it because indoor tanning has counterindications. If a person has atherosclerosis, active form of tuberculosis, spasmodic asthma, hematologic disorders, heart diseases, erythema centrifugum, hyperthyroidism, structural disease of central nervous system and hypersensivity to the sun, a doctor will forbid you to tan or will recommend you precautionary measures.


Do you need glasses, when visiting a tanning salon? Yes, you need, you need one-use or nondisposable glasses, but you must use them. Otherwise, rays can harm amphiblestrodes. And it’s better to put on a head kerchief in order to avoid trichorrhexis.


Before you go to tanning salon, you have to take a shower. Color cosmetics, antiperspirant and perfume may leave white spots on your body. But you need to use special face and body tanning lotions, if you don’t use them you can have skin dryness and suffer from premature aging. But these are not the same lotions you use at the beach, these lotions are only for using in tanning salons. You can find this cosmetic in tanning salons or in beautician salons. Before buying this cosmetic you need to consult an expert.


Pharmaceuticals don’t “like” a tan


At any rate some types of pharmaceuticals don’t like a tan. If you take antibiotics, hormonal drugs (you should remember that birth control pills are also hormonal drugs), psychotropic or emictory medications, you have to forgo your visit to the tanning salon.


How to get tan at home?


There are special pills for tan. It would seem to be quite simple; you take a pill and then you have tanned skin. However, these pills contain canthaxanthin which is underexplored by the scientists and is not recommended by a lot of public health organizations, because it stores in the eyes retina.


There is one more way to take a tan at home. This is self-tanning cream. These creams are also called “autobronzant”. These lotions contain dihydroxyacetone, which undergoes a reaction with surface protein of skin, thereby your skin becomes brown. Before using this lotion, you should take a shower and scrub keratoderma. After 20 minutes you can apply cream on your skin. In 3-4 hours your body will take a tan for 3-4 days. The experts confirm that it’s harmless. But there is no good.


Birthmarks and tan


You have to forgo to visit tanning salon, if birthmarks, nevus pigmentosis and other eruptions grow and change. If after visiting tanning salon, you feel queasy or your head is quite dizzy, you have to consult a doctor. And if you have a lot of birthmarks on your body, you should forgo your visits to tanning salons.


How to be beautified using a tan in tanning salons? I hope we understand good and harm of this modern invention and that you should make smart use of taking a tan in tanning salons.


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