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Construction and Repair
01 August 2014

Gas meter shall be in every private house and apartment. It is required to save money first of all. In the absence of gas meter, community services calculate a payment per 1 m2 of residential area and in most cases this figure does not justify itself. Therefore, economical owners are obliged to take care of gas meter. A family can efficiently use gas with a gas meter. We will further consider what is required to install the device.

Gas meter

They are divided into two types:

  • Electronic. They have small dimensions and electronic display, which is powered by batteries. Their price is high enough, but justifies itself. Most of these counters are very serviceable. They are easy to install. There is a special protection system against explosions and many other positive characteristics. Gas meter replacement is required every 10-12 years.
  • Mechanical. They are much cheaper than an electronic analog, but have large dimensions. Gas enters the counter and moves partitions located inside. They are connected with levers, reducer and progressively set a value of gas flow rate. These devices are ideal for small apartments. The manufacturer promises 25 years of operation on average.

A specialist will advise what kind of counter to choose because the gas system is very complicated.

Thermo-gate valve

Its main function is to automatically shut off the gas access to household or industrial devices in emergency situations related to the ambient temperature increase (for example, during a fire). The thermo-gate valve has a shape of cylinder, in the middle of which there is the shutoff element on a spring. The latter is in the open condition and held with the help of insertion made of fusible materials. When the temperature is significantly increased (up to 90-980C), the insertion is melting and the shutoff element blocks the gas flue.

Connection for isolation

It is installed on some gas pipeline sections in order to avoid a current flow along the butt parts. This appliance significantly reduces the risk of gas equipment disability by electrical discharges.

Gas valve

It is required to shut off gas. It is usually made of brass. It is optimal for gas pipelines with a pressure up to 5 bars which is considered low.

Who are engaged in gas meter installation?

Gas meter shall be only installed by specialized organizations, which have a permission for such activities. They may be individual enterprises or legal entities. When choosing a company which will carry out installation, take note of the following points:

  • Availability of work permit with gas networks
  • The organization work duration with the gas equipment
  • The warranty availability on the work performed and the warranty life.

The installation cost shall not be too high, but not quite small.

Documents for installation

Before getting to work, a design shall be drawn up, which takes into account all the nuances of the gas system. Then the document is registered in the gas distribution organization and the installation is started. It is prohibited to deviate from the plan on no account, because in addition to the administrative responsibility it may lead to accidents. After gas meter installation, it is sealed and its number is registered in the report.






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