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Full-time Overseas Nanny in Al Ain, UAE

A member of the royal family of the United Arab Emirates, based in Al-Ayn, is looking for a full time Nanny to look after their 10 years old boy. The family would like the nanny to start as soon as possible.

IDEAL NANNY: They are looking for an active, creative and adventurous Nanny, who has experience working with school-aged children and is a confident swimmer. The nanny must have an excellent level of written and spoken English. English / British accent will be a huge plus. The ideal candidate will be flexible and fun, but at the same time responsible and reliable.

ROLE: Duties will include school runs, organising age appropriate activities, taking the boy out to playgrounds and amusement parks, doing arts&crafts, organising sports activities. The nanny must be able to keep up with the boy, keep him occupied, entertained and safe.

SCHEDULE: Help is needed for 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, with plenty of breaks during school days. During school days, nanny will have to be up and ready by 6:30am and take the boy to school around 7am, and collect him around 2.30pm/3pm for afternoon activities (organised or planned by the nanny) as well as tutoring - the boy has two hours of tutoring every afternoon. The nanny will then organise dinner, and bedtime routine before the boy goes to sleep around 8pm. During his school and tutoring time, the nanny will have time for herself.

FAMILY: The family own a beautiful palace with amazing gardens and plenty of outdoors space. They have 4 other children, each working with his or her own nanny (from France, New Zealand and the UK). Each nanny has a designated car and driver, who takes her and the child to and from school, and other activities. The family travels a lot to Western Europe and exotic locations for holidays. The nanny will be travelling with them.

ACCOMMODATION: Private room and bathroom with separate entrance from the family. All food is cooked by their private chef, for both the nanny and the child.

PAY: Approx £900 net per week.

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