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Domestic Couple near Evreux, Normandy, France

Domestic Couple near Evreux, Normandy, France

A lady based in Los Angeles, USA is looking for a couple to take care of her country home in the village of Louversey near Evreux in Normandy, France, which is about 1-1/2 hours from Paris, France.

The lady spends a lot of time in her country home. She entertains quite often, her guests are mostly Parisian.
The atmosphere in the household is very informal, except for the time when there are parties, which tend to be formal and splendid.

At the moment there is an assistant, a head housekeeper, 2/3 housekeepers and 2 gardeners working in the house but no one lives in permanently
The position would be perfect for a dynamic couple who speak English and French. One would be a chef and one would assist and clean up.
The lady is very demanding about good cooking, good service, good manners and cleanliness.

The position may also be suitable for one person only (a chef), however the candidate must be prepared to live in an isolated place as the area is quite remote.
The lady has 3 dogs and wants to be free to travel so the couple would have to like dogs and allow them to stay in their cottage when the lady is out of the residence. For this reason the couple should have NO pets of their own.

The couple will be provided with fabulous accommodation ( a fully-furnished, renovated cottage). There are 3 cars on-site which they would be free to use.
There are three kitchens - one in the manor, one in the cottage where the chef or couple would live and one outside kitchen by barbecue.

Date of the beginning of the job: Mid-January 2018.
Contract: Full-time, permanent with a 2-month probation period (a temporary contract may be offered for the probation period).


Experience in a similar position, preferably with longevity
Able to speak English and French
Driving licence (preferably for both)
No pets or dependents
Excellent cooking skills
Table setting and service skills
Available to work extra hours when the lady is in the residence
Dog friendly
Highly energetic and easy-going
Tidy and organized
Enjoy living in isolated areas

Duties and responsibilities

Cooking for the lady when required (no specific dietary requirements)
Cooking for dinner parties and receptions
Menu planning
Grocery shopping
Table setting and table service
Tidying up the kitchen after use
Looking after 3 dogs (2 males and 1 female) when the lady is travelling
Assisting the housekeepers with general cleaning, laundry and ironing
Taking care of 3 cars, keeping them clean, fuelled, etc.
Travelling to Paris with the lady if needed
Reporting directly to the lady or her assistant if requested by lady
Running errands, performing other duties if required


Around EUR 4,500 net/month for the couple.

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​Morgan & Mallet International
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​Morgan & Mallet International
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