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Cleaning services:

- morning/evening/night complex cleaning of offices and public areas

- daily maintenance cleaning of offices and public areas

periodic General cleaning of the business center

- cleaning of the adjacent territory

- washing of Windows and facades


The list of works for General cleaning:

Damp cleaning of floors;

Cleaning of carpets;

Cleaning skirting boards;

Stain removal from furniture;

The removal of dirt from all types of horizontal and vertical surfaces;

Pollution removal from office equipment and household appliances, lighting fixtures;

Wiping of table bases, chairs, legs of chairs;

Removing dust from elements of decoration;

Taking out the trash, washing of rubbish bins;

Washing of glass and mirror surfaces;

Washing stairways and railings;

Other works.



- garbage removal and snow

- cleaning of roofs from snow

- deratization, disinsection

- cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems.


Cleaning of apartments in London


cleaning of apartments
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