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Senior Housemaid for London, Belgravia district (Victoria Station)

Schedule: Rota 3,5 days on (live-in) / 3,5 days off. While staying at night in the client’s house the Senior Housekeeper has to share a room with a 11-year-old boy. He is afraid to sleep alone.
Salary is GBP 2000+/month
The family lives in a 2-storey apartment, area: 600 sq. m. There live the parents, 4 children and domestic staff (chef, housemaids, laundresses
Duties: to carry on electronic inventory of all the things, gifts, clothes; track the things, know where they belong; to supervise the laundresses, together with senior laundress keep the dressing room according to the client’s strict standards, change the content of the dressing room when a new season comes; if necessary help the washwomen with washing and ironing; control the cleaning, do the cleaning in some parts of the house (working with marble, silver, gilt and crystal surfaces); if a nanny and a chef are having unforeseen circumstances - take a child from school or to the clubs or do the shopping, help with cooking.
• Fluent Russian and Basic English
• No troubles Visa and official registration (the candidate would be employed officially)
• Non-smoker
• The candidate should be responsible, punctual and precise as she needs to solve a wide range of problems within household.
• Preferred age: 35-45 y.o.

la dénomination de la société
English Nanny
Personne de référence
Valentine Grogol
Cote de popularité
la Ville
United Kingdom

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vendredi 25 novembre 2016
il y a 10 mois
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